Zyto Compass


OK, has anyone had their horse scanned, or anything for that matter, with a Zyto Compass??? It measures the baseline galvanic skin responses or something like that…I think. It is like a lie detector test, but not.

On Saturday, I went to ride a new friend’s house to ride and get ready for our week long trail ride in October. I took Ike (because that is who I will be riding) and my Lito man. I brought Lito along for the fun mainly so he could see a new place and practice his ‘chill at the trailer alone’ skills. He passed with flying colors by the way. I mean, this horse, is so good. He hauls like a pro. He makes me so happy. Sorry, sorry, I digress, back to my story.

I also wanted to bring him because this new friend of mine is very knowledgeable on the use essential oils in all living things, especially horses. Every summer, Lito gets hives from what I guessed would be the bugs. I wanted my friend to look at him, see what she thought, and maybe recommend something that could help him. Any chance I can avoid the ingestion of unnatural things or cutting on a body, I am all for it. My sister also uses the essential oils on her family, so I am mildly familiar and I like the concept.

Naturally, the minute I unloaded him, she fell madly in love….. What?! OK…maybe it did not go exactly like that in reality, but it sure felt that way. She did like him and tell me how cute he is because, let’s face it, that is fact. Anyway, she offered to do a Zyto Compass reading (after she explained the concept to me and said it might just be all vudu) on him for free to just see what essential oils it recommended for him. I tried not to jump up and down with excitement as I said as calmly as possible, “oh, really? that would be great.” You see, I just love to learn new things and I was just flat out curious what it would say, regardless. So, I held the  hand cradle with my right hand and touched him with my left hand while my friend held Lito’s lead rope without touching him. As painless as that.

Interestingly enough, he had 36 bio-markers out! Or something like that. I had a mini internal freak out then asked, “WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!?!!!?” as I looked at Lito in horror. She chuckled at me and said lets go look. We looked up the oils it recommended and most of them were related to stress and anxiety. The rest were for anti-inflammatory (skin maybe) and some bone things (still growing). Very interesting. He really did not seem stressed at all. I mean he was in a mildly stressful situation being an hours haul from home at a new farm (a very peaceful farm with good feeling energy), but he was not displaying any outward stress indicators. So, he is either a pro at concealing and internalizing his stress and anxiety, it was a faulty reading, or it is just vudu. Who knows? Not me. None of the oils recommended were for bugs or parasites, so who knows with the hives either. Oh well, she suggested applying some lavender on him for his skin and adding a mixture of garlic powder and vinegar to his feed for the bugs. Maybe we will do a scan at home next time. Still very interesting.

Has anyone tried any of these things on themselves or their animals?

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