I need positivity today. 

I am feeling slightly overwhelmed today. Overwhelmed with the state of the oil and gas industry, the future of my job/career, and dare I utter the words, ‘health insurance’ & ‘politics.’ 🙄😒 Sorry. It is there though. I refused to watch the ‘news’ this morning and opted for a Hallmark Christmas movie instead. I just opened that piece of mail informing me of my premium increase. Additionally, I still have that nagging feeling that I am not doing what I am supposed to be doing with my life. How do I know what I am supposed to be doing??! Aren’t I supposed to be past this point at 28? At one point in my life, I thought I had it all figured out. Now I am not so sure.

Anyway, I did find this dose of positivity, so consider this. No, really. Consider it. The cracks let the light in y’all. AHA moment. I do not know if this is true of Japan. Do any of you know? Either way, I like this. I also like that it is Friday and the weekend is just a work day away.

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Help me keep the negative away. Walk in love and let your light shine, dear readers.

9 thoughts on “I need positivity today. 

  1. You are not alone. And continue with the movies rather than the news. There will be a lot of “news” over the next few days and don’t let it get you down. You have years ahead of you and there will be many great days ahead.

  2. I’ve been there. I work in the tech industry and spent many nights awake wondering if I would be able to support my son (single Mom) and I. That worry can wear you out. Ask for help. Ask God for help and to show you the way. Hand your worry over to Him. Your life will unfold like the Kintsugi pottery you showed, where the flaws become more beautiful than the original.

    Hope this helps, Avery!

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