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I had a friend tell me that she was feeling blue yesterday after a great weekend and that she did not know if it was because the weekend was over or because of the unknown future. It got me thinking as I have often felt the same way myself and my suggestion was to:

Focus on something good from the weekend (or past), something good right in front of you, and do something fun for yourself tomorrow. Nobody knows the future, so you are not alone!

Too bad I can not seem to do that for myself in those moments, so I think I will do the same thing for myself right now. We all have something to be grateful for even when it is all going up in smoke and hitting the fan. AHAmoment. It also seems like a good idea since I am supposed to be practicing self love and all that. Disclaimer, this may or may not turn into another love fest, and I will make zero apologies for it.

  1. Something good from the weekend.
    I rode 3 amazing horses.
    Saturday I took Second Chance, Chance on a road ride with some long time friends. It was terribly HOT. Like sweating at 8 in the morning hot. He was amazing even though he made some ugly faces at some other horses. It was quite comical, really.  I also got compliments on his butt. It is pretty big. I really need to show you what he used to look like. I love how he shines like a penny even when he is a woolly bear.

    Sunday morning I rode the my best gal, Cheetah. We did some arena work with transitions and ground poles before going down in the pastures to check the cows and let her really open up and stretch her legs. I did not get any photos because I was having too much fun. I finished out the morning doing some chores and unpacking the trailer. Then, my parents (the most amazing parents ever) met me for lunch at a nearby town on their way home from out of town and then came back to the farm so I could ride my Lito. I could not ask for better parents or a better colt. Seriously. This horse. I think it was his 10th ride or so and the first ride in a couple months. He was AMAZING. He was much more forward and fluid than he has been. That was a little bit of a worry for me. It reminds me to stay the course and do not lose heart. He is still learning. AHAmoment. He is just so easy, brave, and keeps getting better…and taller. I will stop before I explode.

  2. Something good in front of me from today.
    My dog is tired and happy from running at the farm and my boss told me she was proud of my work. Boom. Enough said.
  3. Something fun for myself tomorrow.
    My bible study is having a Valentines party as our class. Thank goodness because I do not like Valentines Day!

Pretty dang good at present. Certainly can not complain.

What are your 3 things? Something good from the weekend (or past), something good in front of you today, and something fun for yourself tomorrow?

Walk in love, dear readers!

18 thoughts on “3 Things

  1. Lovely idea. let me see – my three things:
    1. I had a fabulous and relaxing vacation in Cuba
    2. There’s a blizzard outside but my horse are snug and cosy in the barn and enjoyed a nice groom
    3. I have a puppy coming in a couple weeks!

  2. Such majestic creatures. Love the shiny penny. Where do you live that it’s hot in February? I recently moved out of Florida. My three things: 1) Over the weekend bought our first brand new car since 1987! 2) Today, my health issues pain eased a bit and the weather got mild, so I was able to walk the dog for the first time in months! 3) Tomorrow, I have hired someone to come and clean the house so I can write. I’m so very blessed.

    BTW ,,, about feeling blue. I don’t know if it’s healthy for someone who leans toward depression, but I thought I’d share what I do when that happens. I allow myself the blues. If I feel like crying, I cry. If I feel like moping around, I mope around. I usually give myself a time limit, but it turns out that when I don’t scold myself for feeling blue and just let it flow, the blues pass on their own pretty quick.

    Anyway, that’s my take. Thank you for sharing your walks with those beauties and this wonderful gratitude idea.

    1. Thank you! The great state of Texas! 1 & 2 really make me smile! I bet you did not stop smiling when you were walking your dog!
      That is a good idea and true I think for most. I agree, probably not good for everyone though. I have times when I allow myself and can stick to a timeline and it does pass faster. Much better than bottling it up and then having it explode later. There are other times though where I just have to reset and avoid it to not stay in it. Thank you so much for your comment and input! Such great advise!

  3. Tracy - Fly On Over

    Focusing on the positive is sometimes hard when you’re feeling down, but it’s so important! Remembering that I have a lot of good things in my life always makes me feel better

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