Monday Musings

I am at a convention for work the beginning of this week and am on a break between sessions. I figured I would take this time to check in with you! 

I am cold and hungry. Their air conditioning is working really well. I think they must have thought it was July or August. Or that we would fall asleep? Not sure. 

I see many familiar faces. Some from undergrad. Some from graduate school. Some from not that long ago. So many memories. 

There is a girl here hobbling around in crutches. She is seemingly having a hard time because there is no handrail o get up the stairs. I feel bad for her. It reminds me of a time I wheeled my friend in a wheel chair a really long distance so we could go see a ranch rodeo. The things we will do for a look at some nice horses and handsome cowboys. 

I stayed up past midnight watching TV last night. Oops. So much for going to bed early to be rested for this thing. I just couldn’t stop. Like reading a good book. This Monday morning came too quickly. 

My morning was made brighter by a phone call from a friend. We are both morning people. We are going on a trail ride this weekend with friends. It is an annual event for us. We are too excited, clearly. I always stay with her in her trailer. Her horse, Chica, has had an appearance on this blog, in fact. Along with another friend and the horse she rides who will also be on this ride. Is it Thursday yet? I baked a big batch of cookies yesterday to take for the weekend and stuck them in the freezer. My everything but the kitchen sink cookies as my mother calls them. I should share the recipe soon! I am also bringing a watermelon (sounds good after a long, warm day of riding, right!?) and my jalapeño popper dip that I have shared with you before. I am going to add bacon to it this time. Not sure why I have not done that before. Seems a natural thing to do! And who does not like bacon. I mean, come on. And jalapeño poppers are wrapped in bacon, duh! 

Got in a couple good rides this weekend. I even had a riding buddy for one! I miss having someone to ride with sometimes. I rode Lito while my friend rode Ike. Lito was ok. He had a few baby moments. Which, he is a baby and this was what, his 18th ride, maybe? And all at best a week apart. He’s a good boy. Cheetah was lovely. I just hopped on her bareback and we dinked around and had fun. I just love my girl and can not wait to have a fun weekend with her. Sure is a good view from the backs of those two horses. 

That is all I’ve got. Not terribly exciting. 

Walk in love, dear readers! 

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