Social Media.

Social media has always been a really strange concept to me. A conundrum. Have I said this before?

Yes, yes, and yes I have.

It can be fun, sure. I really do like to share my photos & animals…and, uh, music, a lot of music…with other people because it brings me happiness to share the things I love and what makes me happy with others…in hopes that it does the same for them. I am sure that is a surprise to no one. And really, who doesn’t like to see cute animals?

It can be helpful. That is one of the reasons I started this blog. To share and connect. It is hard to share the difficult stories, but I do it because I know I am not alone and I am not perfect. I know that other people have experienced the same things.

But it can also be, well, bad. Really bad. Negative. Dismissive. Rude. Hateful. And let us not forget, so very fake. I can honestly say that I am constantly surprised by people’s behavior. Where does that even come from? Where does the energy to perpetuate such exhausting mentalities come from?

How has this platform replaced actual communication between our fellow man?

Something that has always bugged me is the amount of energy many people put into composing the perfect picture to post so they look a certain way…to other people. Or incredibly lengthy diatribes of hate. Do not even get me started on selfies and strange poses. I am not going to go there. I always think to myself that if people put as much energy into having good manners, being nice and positive, helping, and loving our neighbors and just being real as they did on perfecting the perfect post, how much better the world, even just the social media world, would be. Exposure to more love and light. More Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Memorial Day, Happy Veterans Day, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Ramadan, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Birthday, or whatever the holiday celebration may be. More smiling. More love. Create an intersection and not a corner.

I feel like people say Happy Halloween or Happy National Donut day more than any other holiday.


The last few days have been interesting with the lunar eclipse and the first day of school. There were so many cool posts of people getting outside and experiencing the lunar eclipse, surprisingly with other people…together, and sweet children with happy smiles off on their first day back at school after summer. The negativity and hate seemed to stop, or at least be out weighed! If only for that quick moment.

Again, I can not help but wonder if everyone would put as much energy into good instead of bad, focusing on the positive and not the negative, being honest and real, visceral and empathetic, vulnerable, how much better off we would all be. How much more connected we would be, realizing that we are not that different from each other and we all have struggles.

Stir that around in your pot of thoughts. Each one of us makes a difference.

I can see how this may sound trite, but it is not only important, it is true.

Walk in love, my dear readers, and be a light today! Happy Wednesday!

22 thoughts on “Social Media.

  1. Social media can be good or bad. I sometimes find myself sucked into these political posts that I actually really want a filter for ‘Trump’ so I can take a step back from all the drama. But it has also been positive with lots of horse pictures and flowers and people just enjoying their lives.

  2. Couldn’t agree more. I try to focus on the positive. On occasions I get down but I am trying better not to hide it away and let it fester (such as my post today!). Very different from the carefully crafted picture some people try to create.
    I do try to stay off social media, or at least I craft my timelines to show only positive things. I have removed all the Negative Nancys for my own mental health and I think I’m better for it!

    1. I so appreciate you opening up and being honest and vulnerable. Stuff happens in life. It does no one any good to act as if they do not. It is helpful for the sharer and the reader who might be going through or might go through the same thing!

  3. enjoyed the videos especially the Luck Mansion Sessions. Those are two so well blended voices and I love the lyrics. Thanks again Avery for introducing me to some music that is new for me. As for Social Media. I grew up without it and so I was formed without the need to make myself appear to be something better, brighter, happier and more dazzling than I really am and now at my age, I can’t be bothered. I’ll let the world see my daughter’s cat and hear his opinions on FB. That’s enough.

    1. I am so glad you liked them. Yes, they are amazing together. So happy I stumbled upon that and could share. I love the cat posts! And that blanket he lays on!

      1. Yes he likes that Mexican blanket. I am sad because in a week we will have to take him back to my daughter. She was moving with her family to a; new home and Winston got very nervous when he saw all the boxes so we have had him while they packed up and moved. I shall miss him dreadfully.

        1. Oh I bet you will miss him. That is how my parents feel when they keep my Darcy Doolittle for any amount of time. Most animals get very nervous when any packing happens. Darcy did, when if it was less then any other pet we have had. I was so happy when I started unpacking because she got really happy and playful realizing this was our new home. All her normal behaviors came out.

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