“The best and most beautiful things in the world can not be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.”
~Helen Keller

Thank you for the inspiration, Sarah!

I got home from work Friday to find this…

Naughty little dog. The Darcy Doolittle found some horse treats that R had somewhere. She decided they were indeed for her. Good thing I have an indoor/outdoor rug. Us traveling horse gals can be hard on the finer, indoor things of life. Tracking in shavings and hay, leaving burrs all over the house, and eating horse treats off the floor. You know, everyday stuff. Have I ever told you about the time Darcy ate crayons? No? Well, that is indeed a story for another day very soon. Anyway.

I wonder why she left the crumbs? A snack for later? Maybe she saved them for R’s cat? How sweet.

Not having time for such nonsense, I shook my head at her as she wagged her tail innocently at me before we loaded up and left. We had good times awaiting us.

I met up with some friends Friday evening who were spending the weekend doing fun horsey things. We talked and laughed, ate and drank, and listened to music. I had a grand time and got back to the farm late.

Which, indeed made waking up early to do all the things a wee bit difficult. After some encouragement from Darcy and Petunia protesting the late breakfast service, I got up and started the day. I rode Chance and Lito between moving sprinklers and taking care of other odds and ends. There are always a ton of odds and ends.

After riding, I loaded Lito a couple of times. You know, practice makes perfect better, better, better. He self loaded twice and was calm and confident so we called it a day. He is back to nickering at me when I come in to unload him which makes me more than happy. I am going to take him and Cheetah to a friend’s in a couple weeks for a fun, low key day.

Kisses for everyone from Lito. The day could not have been more beautiful. Not too hot and not really humid. Scattered clouds providing occasional blocks from the sun. A good breeze.

I had a late lunch after finishing up and went back to my friend’s for another fun evening. Friends and laughter along with a sunset like the above, is great for the soul and you feel it right down in your heart.

Sunday morning greeted us with an unexpected, and most welcome, chance of rain. I quickly packed up, left, and went to the car wash in hopes of ensuring some moisture. Here is hoping it worked! It was practically a gully washer in town!

What beautiful things did y’all get up to this weekend?

Walk in love, dear readers, and make it a great Monday!

6 thoughts on “Beautiful

  1. I wish I could send some of our rain your way. Nothing but storm for the last 7 days and more to come. But the pasture are green and alive thanks to the rain. I really need to teach my new guy how to self load. Gem has hauled thousands of times and still is sticky about loading. I’m hopeful the new guy is less opinionated and can learn

    1. We would take some of that rain! I’m sure he will pick it up quickly! Lito (knock on wood) is loading better by himself than he did before.

  2. Thanks for sharing your weekend. As for me my husband was away so I watched the Royal Wedding with our little dog Tia. Then Tia and I went to the barn. She rummaged about the barn and ate lots of , yup you know…horse poop. When we got home that all came back up and out onto the carpet. So she had to have plain rice for dinner. Sunday we went back to the barn and she didn’t eat any horse poop. Clever little dog!!

    1. hahaha that is quite unfortunate for you! Our dogs eat quite a bit of that. I guess since they grew up doing it, it does not upset their stomach? I am glad she learned her lesson! I wish ours would!

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