September 13

I have already told you about September and how it, and the start of fall, get me in a reflective mood. Today is one of those reasons.

The 13th of September will always be a special day and a day I will always remember. A sad day at times, yes of course, but also a special one. A day for red wine and chocolate pie. To remember the happy memories and be grateful. Why do you ask? Because I say so, that is why. It is Mansebo’s day.


Mansebo was the horse that started it all. Is it still hard? Absolutely. But he is in the best place of all now and free from any pain and suffering. I am forever grateful for him.

This is Mansebo’s song. Every time I hear it, I think of him, and every time I think of him, I hear it.

I can not help but think that it is because of him that we have horses today. It makes me even more grateful for my dun duo.

Speaking of the dun duo…



Lito and I had a great weekend of riding and he continues to get better and better, heading in the right direction to his regular self.

Both Cheetah and Lito pretended to be race horses on Saturday when I tried to bring them in for the evening, galloping all around the pond pasture multiple times. This video was only the beginning. I did not catch the best and fastest parts. They took turns with who was in the lead, Cheetah talking to Lito the whole time. Quite funny really. After several minutes they decided they were finished and would come in, but only if I came and got them. Naturally, that is what I did and they met me half way, the looks on their faces seeming to say, “gee, that sure was fun!” At least for Lito, the cheeky guy! Cheetah looked a bit happily worn out with her out of shape, grass fat body.


Have some wine and pie with me today, won’t you? And go love on your horses! Remember the happy times!

Walk in love, dear readers!

12 thoughts on “September 13

  1. Nice to see those horses running! I am at WEG and everything here is very disciplined. It is fascinating to watch and there are so many spectacular horses here. And as for chocolate pie….I’ve never had it but I know I would like it if I did.

    1. Hey there! I can not wait to read up on your WEG experience…and catch up on your blog in general. I have had a hard time catching up! I wish I could be at WEG!

      THey had the best time running around. I wish I could have captured the look on their faces. If you have never had chocolate pie I am not even quite sure how to respond! I wish I could send you one from here. There is this local place that has the best.

  2. I own a horse farm, and the work never ends, but I love it so much! Your love spills out over your pages and captures the moments on a farm so creatively!
    Thanks for sharing and making me appreciate ALL that God has given me!

    1. ❤️❤️❤️thank you so much for your kind words! It makes my heart happy to know that my feelings come across in that very way. ❤️🙏🙌❤️ The work never does end, but it is good work. Sometimes I don’t do much for a while and only ride etc. Then other times, like this past weekend, that is basically all I do!

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