Daily Dose Of Cute

I figure it is about time for a daily dose of cute. You can never have too much of that, right!?

Well, this weekend I snapped this photo of Lito man and it got me thinking.

Uh, who is that manly looking thing? How did we get here?! I swear just yesterday he looked like this!

Full disclosure, since I try to keep things real over here for the both of us, he did look like this a few moments before he looked like a real horse and not a giraffe.


But in all seriousness, sometimes the transformation is astounding to me.

It is just a reminder that if you look back from where you are, you can see exactly how far you have come. AHAmoment. No matter what you are going through in the moment, tomorrow is always a new day.

The last few months with Lito have been a little difficult, but lately we are really starting to come out of whatever that phase was. He still has little moments, but each day gets better. The only thing to do in the moment was give him the time he needed to work through the issues. Slow and steady wins the race and it seems to have paid off.

So, let us look closer at the physical transformation, shall we? Because why not? And next week is Lito’s week, so…

I can not wait till he is even older and he fills out. Still waiting on that part!

If you did not know, in honor of going on our ride next week and not blogging, I am sharing your favorite horse related posts and the posts from the last two years’ rides over on the AHAmoments Facebook page. If you missed yesterday’s share, here it is! Go check it out and don’t miss the coming shares over the next few days!

Seriously though, I pinch myself! Now, if we can just keep him from rubbing his mane (and me from roaching it), his mane will be super long. Like the weeds in my round pen.


Walk in love, dear readers, and take a moment to realize how far you have come!


8 thoughts on “Daily Dose Of Cute

  1. Please don’t roach his mane. He looks wonderful. And…. when I look at that nice curve in his neck…..he could have a career in dressage! No? Oh well… the western saddle looks so good on him I will grant you that.

    1. I do not want to roach his mane! But when he rubs it out……….I am hoping we are past that now. Interestingly enough, his mother Cheetah went through a phase of rubbing out her mane at the same age. I kept her roached for a while and then let her grow it back out.

      I know right?! HIS NECK! I hope to give him a turn in the dressage court at some point! English or western!

      Thank you for your nice comments on my boy <3

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