Good Morning!

Before I get going with my day, I wanted to wish all of my dear readers a good morning and good day! Go out there and get it today.

It’s funny, I was going to say that this week was going by rather slow, but really, the last few weeks have flown by. We have been very busy she past couple months marketing this deal. We are preparing for another big meeting tomorrrow. This could potentially be a very big day for us. Say a little prayer or cross your fingers that it all goes well and we will be one step closer to getting this deal done.

I had an amazing time with my Grandmother A for dinner Monday evening. That really is no surprise there. We are so much alike it is uncanny. We talked about everything under the sun and a lot about horses. This is her visiting my Lito a couple years ago.

I have another short week this week as we have Good Friday off. Tomorrow after work I am headed to the farm for the weekend. My Parents, Sister and her family, Grandparents T and H, my Aunt M, and Cousin W will all be there at some point or another for an early Easter celebration. Creating good, new memories will be good. Then on Sunday, we are gathering with my mother’s side of the family to celebrate Easter.

Spread some cheer today! Put a smile on your face and stand up tall. Make it contagious.

Walk in love!

11 thoughts on “Good Morning!

  1. Katie Arendale

    well I’m jealous and have FOMO!! love that pic of lito, A and G (insert heart eyes emojis here!!) <3

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