Celebrate the little things. 

We have made it through Wednesday!

Do you know what that means? It is time to celebrate! Well, at least in my opinion. I know what you are thinking, wine Wednesday. Well,

We all have things to celebrate, more than just wine, no matter how good. Celebrate being one step closer to the weekend to have you time. Getting things crossed off the work to do list, even if just one part of one item and nothing seems to be going as planned (you know what they say about plans…but, that’s another story for another day). Coming home to a perpetually happy dog. Getting to see your horse (I so look forward to the time I get to see my horses every day). To be with the people you love. To see and feel the meaning of Christmas.

What do you celebrate today?

Just look at those eyes!

Look at the rest of this week like Darcy looks at the treat in my hand!

Walk in love, dear readers, and maybe, just maybe, you will look up and find you are leading with love.

I’m walking.