The best day of the week!

Wednesdays have become my favorite day. What is that you say??? Wednesdays are not your favorite??? Well, I have a pretty good reason…

Wednesdays after work I make the hour long drive to the farm to see my ponies for the evening! No, they are not technically ponies for all you technical folk. They are all taller than 14.2 hands. Well, except for Petunia the donkey, but her ears make up for it. I have not seen them since last Wednesday because I went to the bay this past weekend, and I am DYING! It is like I have reverted back to childhood, bouncing off the walls till my horseback riding lesson. It will make for an interesting work day. My Darcy dog is also full of herself for lack of full out running. Darcy and I did go out to ride a client’s horse yesterday after work. A cute as a button buckskin mare. Her name is Bella. Bella the buckskin.IMG_8740She clearly wants cookies…which she got. She is fun to ride. She tries really hard and wants to be good in addition to being a quick learner. Oh, and she is so smooth! I could trot fence lines on this horse all day. Bella was distracted yesterday and was not the best, but that is OK. Every day is a new day. I know her potential. The other barn horses were also acting funny and the mosquitoes were BAD. We just did our work and ended on a good note. The next ride will be better!

Going to go work hard so I can enjoy myself this evening!


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