Love & horses

I have to share this lovely nugget of love and horses entitled “Parkinson’s Forced Her Out Of The Saddle, But 30 Years Later She Gets A Second Chance.” Your daily dose of love and positivity. This video made me cry…in my office. Good thing my office is small! If I am ever unable to go to the barn or ride on my own, I hope I have people around me that can make it happen for me. It is in our blood. Enjoy.

In other news, on this day three years ago, my Lito man was 6 months old! Just look at that handsome kid.  That is his Uncle Ike in the background. This memory is not good for my young horse fever…1381602_10153312481575527_2076906329_n

Go lead with love, dear readers, and go ride if you can.

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