I am lame. 

So. I am feeling pretty lame. I should have just gone to the farm yesterday after work. I didn’t want to sit in the car for an hour was my reasoning. I was too tired from working and vacationing. I was going to have a nice evening at home and be available if any friends wanted to do anything. Ha! That never happens when I plan for it! So, I stayed home, watched show jumping on tv, had a cocktail and ate pizza, and went to bed early. I will not admit to falling asleep on the couch before 8 PM. All I could think about was, “man, you are so lame. Why are you sitting here by yourself. You should be at the farm or out on the town.” I suppose I could have rieled up some people myself and gone out for a good time. Sigh. I really was tired! 

Anyway, I did get some good rest. I think I really needed it. I am up, dressed, and enjoying coffee now. I will soon load up the dogs and head out. I am ready for horse time! Y’all get ready for horse pics! I think I might give each of my dub duo an introduction to tell their story. What do you think? 

Before I do. Has anyone ever heard of Bola Pizza? I think they are a company out of Austin. Go look them up. I would link it for you, but I’m on my phone. You can buy their pizzas in the freezer section at HEB. At least that is the only place I have seen them here. Man. They are good. It is an expensive freezer pizza, but it is quality. I did not feel guilty eating this for dinner…well only a little. If you ever see them, stop and get you one. Did you like that?! I had to say it just like that. It was in my head like that! The best to me are the polka dot and the mushroom. I had the mushroom last night and I did not eat the whole thing! Go me!

Next time I will get a zoom picture of the pizza. I am new to this whole blogging thing. I am rewarding myself for taking any pictures!

Off to the horses I go. Go lead with love!

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