The herd.

*This post has been edited to keep up with the times.*

I introduce you, officially, to each of my quadruped loves that teach me more about myself, keep me close to God, and remind me what IT is all about.

Docs InnocentDrifter, or Cheetah, or Cheetah Beetah, or Beets:
This is my girl. She entered my life in the year 2008 an I have not been the same since. She is a 2004 model, dun Appendix Quarter Horse mare standing at approximately 15.1 – 15.2 hh. She has been with me through several years of rides, degrees, an amazing colt, and other memories spanning the state of Texas. She is my gal pal. My go to. My heart horse. I do not know where I would be without her.


Manolito ALI, or Lito, Lito Man, or Lito Plito:
My dashing 2013, dun colt out of Cheetah. The realization of a life long dream. He was sired by a hunk of a bay PRE stallion. He was close to 16 hh at just 2 yo and has not appeared to stop getting taller. This is Lito shown at 1 week old and 3 yrs and almost 7 mos. One of these days he will fill out to his big frame.


Ike, or Ike the Southern Gentleman, or Ikey, or Ikester:
My family’s retired Tennessee Walker gelding. I believe he is a 2000 or 2001 model. One of the sweetest guys on earth. He is about 16 – 16.1 hh. He has been diagnosed with DSLD and we are just enjoying our time with him, taking it moment by moment.


Chance, or Second Chance, or Give Me A Chance, or Chancey:
My family’s token short horse! Ha! I have never taped him, but if he is over 14.2 hh, I would be surprised. If you look at him from a certain angle, you might think he is wider than he is tall. The best guess is he is a 2003 model. He has one of the softest, prettiest sorrel coats out there that shines like a copper penny in the sun.


Apache, he is serious ALL the time and does not like nick names…sometimes I call him Grumpy:
The last of the original three family horses. He is another one with an unknown history. We got him somewhere in the neighborhood of 13 years old and he is somewhere in his mid 30s now. He is of mostly Appaloosa blood, as you can see. We are also enjoying every minute we have left with him.


Petunia, or Tuners:
Last, but certainly NOT least. Old horse companion extraordinaire with a personality plus! I love this donkey! She was around 14 yo when we got her and she always has the last word.


Introduce me to your four legged friends!


7 thoughts on “The herd.

  1. Wonderful, lots of different horsenalities here 🙂 and your cute little doggie.

    My four legged family consists of two horses, and one dog. Ghost, a 4 year old Arabian/Mustang Cross (that you read about today,) and then there is FTB Fancy Tradition, stable name Fancy. Fancy is a 12 year old AQHA mare. I only know bits and pieces of her past. Someone got a good start on her as a cutting horse, then she was a broad mare, at some point her former owner stopped feeding her (to the point that her inner organs almost stopped working.) She is on the mend know, but her body and mind isn’t fully healed yet. Despite this she is the sweetest horse I ever met. My five year old daughter rides her in a rope halter, and Fancy takes wonderful care of her. My third four legged friend, is my German Shepherd Gretchen. She is 3,5 years old, and the most faithful companion you could ask for. Now there is on more four legged family member, my daughter’s Russian Tortoise, Shelley 🙂

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    1. How fun! You have many different personalities there too. Sounds like you have been a great steward to these animals. It is a shame that any animal has to endure such a storied past ❤

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