A Prayer You Can Borrow

I have a little something for all of you. You might have figured at this point that I am really into Sean McConnell’s music. I would link him up here, but I am sharing this with you real quick from my phone. Blogging from your phone is NOT easy. Enough of that, though. Let us get on with it. Between it being the holidays and events of late, I am way past introspection and my music choices sometimes show it. I have been leaning more towards faith based, which I think is good. Typically I listen to more depressing stuff. This song in particular came up exactly when I needed it.  I hope you enjoy it. I also have some sunrise shots from this morning at the farm. 

I am not looking forward to work tomorrow or the other things I have to do this week, but I am looking forward to moving on. 

Lead with love, dear readers. Talk to y’all tomorrow. 

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