Today Is A New Day

Or, I guess at this point, close to was a new day. None the less, it was new and it was great. 

Sorry for the bah humbug dramatic attitude yesterday. It was what it was. Enough of that though, because today was amazing. 

First off, yesterday evening, after dark, I could not help but be shaken out of my blah mood. I was walking out to the barn for my last check before calling it a night. The first thing I noticed was all the fireflies. I remember having them at the farm when I was younger, but then they disappeared. Now that we are coming out of this drought, they are coming back! I almost fell on my face for staring into the dark at them. Then I noticed how cool it got after the dog rolled in. Before walking out there, I closed the windows and turned on the air conditioning because it was just warm enough. Go figure!

This morning I woke up early. I fed the horses in my pajamas before coming back in to brew some coffee. A quick coffee (…I put ice cream in it because why not. And well, I didn’t have any milk or cream) and breakfast (something I picked up from a Mexican bakery earlier this week, yum!) and I was off to get dressed. 

I tacked up my Cheetah girl in a hurry and we were off. Boy oh boy was it a great ride. I know this is logically probably not the case, but is sure seemed like she felt the same as I did about our ride yesterday. We were just feeding off of each other’s energy. Another go figure. Today, I focused on not doing that. Breaking the cycle. Staying relaxed. She stayed relaxed pretty much the whole time. We both finished happy and proud. I shoved her full of treats and turned her back out with the heard. 

I had a second cup of coffee while I worked Chance in the round pen before getting Ike out. I spent forever getting burs out of Ike’s mane. Seriously, dude. Need to stop playing in the burs. He has the most hair! Anyway, we had a nice, relaxing bareback ride all around the farm. He is such a good boy all the time. 

Everything must come to an end, as they say, and the same is true about this weekend. When I told Darcy it was time to load up and head home, this was her reaction…

And that was that. Darcy is passed out and Monday awaits. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend! What did y’all do?! 

Walk in love, dear readers! 

Right Now

Right now I am sorry for being MIA. 

I am sitting on the porch in a rocking chair watching the sunset behind the grazing cows, listening to some great music with a cocktail. 

My dog just chased a dove out of the yard. She was eating the pistachio shells I threw on the ground. 

A few minutes ago, I was bitten by a tree ant. Ouch. 

I rode Cheetah today. Was not the best. For a minute there, I thought I did not have any brakes. It is making me feel down. It is hard to feel better telling myself that tomorrow is a new day when I have so few days with them. Oh well. I cleaned my saddle after, so that is something. 

I took Lito for a walk down the road. He was pretty good. That is something too. 

Tomorrow is a new day, and I will ride Cheetah again first thing in the morning. Then I will ride Ike. Time permitting, I will longe Lito. 

I already do not want to go back to town tomorrow. The sunsets and sunrises I can see here. The sounds and feels. The horses. The cows. My happy dog. She’s happy all the time, yes, no matter where we are. It is different here. I am different here. 

Walk in love, dear readers. 



“Why do I ride horses? Because I look at my horse and I see my hopes and my dreams. I see my happiness and I see my success. I see my pride, and I see my soul. I look in a mirror and I see a person. I look at my horse and I see myself.”






I see and feel my true self when I am with my horse. I thank God for that every day. It is easy do that part. The hard part is expressing your hopes, wishes, dreams, and desires in prayer. Weird to call it hard, it really is an easy thing to do when you think about it. There are many things I pray for…when I remember. One of my resolutions for the year is intentional prayer every day after all. Most of the time I pray for others and for me to do His will, walk His path for me. I find that pretty easy. Specifics for myself are a little more difficult to say out loud. So, here goes.

I pray that I find that person to do life with that is right for me. Who knows me for my true self. That understands and appreciates me for who I am and for my love of the horse. For what it is and what it means to me.

That is a lot of me. Did I just admit all of that to you?


Well. It is out there. Getting intentional now. I am going to go crawl under a rock now.

What do you pray for?

Walk in love, dear readers!


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Time & Everyday Life.

Was it not just yesterday that I was excited we had entered the ‘ber’ months? Elated for everything fall? Now we are less than one day shy of March. It is crazy how looking back over the last few months it seems to have gone by so fast. So fast in fact, that today feels like Wednesday. In the midst of it all, it felt terribly slow.


So much has happened in such a short time. Or maybe not so much has happened?

It feels like a lot.

Not too terribly much to report over here. Pretty boring, actually. Do you want to know something? I am OK with that at the moment. Work is chugging along. I have many loads of laundry to do. I no longer have any clean riding jeans and I am running out of boot socks. Who cares about work clothes. The situation is dire on the home front. Priorities. I loathe doing laundry. Anyone else out there also really dislike laundry? Sure, a stack of neatly folded clothes is oddly satisfying, but the process of getting there? Not really. Darcy needs a bath. Darcy always needs a bath. Every weekend she finds something nasty to roll in. It is a gift she has.


We are entering the last month of the first quarter of the year. I am happy to report that I have so far made good on my riding goals for the year. The other things, oh well, maybe not as good, but I have not forgotten them and am still working on them. That is a win in my book.

I do not think I waxed poetic earlier this week about how awesome Lito is. Do not worry, I am not going to do that now. Well, at least I do not think I am. Anyway, I am planning his first off property ride with a friend for sometime in the next two months. I am pretty excited about it. I am glad to be making progress with him. I also spoke with my Aunt and Cousin about getting them on the farm schedule so I can have the support to continue to ride him regularly (Sorry for the repeat vid, but honestly, I can’t get enough of it!). Cheetah is doing well and I am excited about taking some lessons and going to a show in the second quarter of the year. I am also more than ready for the time to change back. Give me more daylight so I can ride more! I am planning to increase my rides by at least one more during the week. The next thing on my execution list is getting lessons actually on the calendar.

I have been listening to Midland this week. I like their older country feel. I also have a serious thing for 70’s fashion. I want a whole new wardrobe of just 70’s. Strange, I know.

So many words and not much said. Makes me think of this Jason Eady song with the line “words that come too easy sometimes tell the bigger truth.”

Anything exciting going on? A calm, everyday life is pretty comforting for me right now. How are y’all doing on your new year resolutions?

Walk in love, dear readers.

From Tuners

To you, dear readers, from Petunia. Just because. She always has a lot to say. It makes me happy. I hope it does you too and brightens your day.  

She was probably commenting on my water line fixing abilities, which leave a lot to be desired. Or, that she was hungry. 

She always seems to be hungry. And happy. Be like Tuners. 

This weekend ended up being as busy as my week. Between late nights, catching up on some sleep, riding horses, chores, helping a friend with her new horse, and crazy weather, I felt like I needed another day before the week started. Luckily, I had a very welcome day off today. Small company perks for the win! We had buckets of rain dumped on us this morning before I headed back to town which filled the pond right up. I see water work in my horses’ futures! 

Hitting it hard at work tomorrow! Walk in love. 

Spilled Milk?

What is that they say? No sense in crying over spilled milk? 

Well, no sense in crying over spilling coffee on yourself at a major conference for work with no shirt replacement! Thank goodness I have a name tag to cover it. 

Did I mention it’s a white shirt?

Onwards and upwards. I think I will make it a bit about sneak attack cups! Busy day and week here. 

 Walk in love, dear readers! 

I Will

I will be your Valentine!

Thank you, dear readers for being you, and being here. I am so grateful for each of you. You have made such a difference in my life in the short period of time that I have been blogging. 

Walk in love. 

I am thinking a transformation post on Chance coming up. 

Can Not Complain.

Busy day/week.month here at work. How did it get to be almost the end of January? I have had a nasty upper respiratory something or other since Thursday. The amount of meds and sleep is astounding. I have an ever growing pile of laundry that needs to be dealt with or I will have nothing to wear. I have slacked on my newly minted good habits.


I got to have brunch with my Aunt and Cousins on Sunday (and dinner on Thursday, did I mention that?) and this (pst…look below)



on Saturday. I rode Chance and Cheetah. Still the best medicine in my book. The ground was surprisingly firm given the amount of rain we got last week. Cheers to growing grass with all the sun this week! Chance was wonderful…Cheetah was not the best. Granted, that can probably be blamed on me and my sick, top-heavy head. My saddle was also slipping back more than normal. She has been so great the past two weeks, so I will take it.


I can not complain. Ernest used to always say that.

Can you complain?

Walk in love, dear readers.

Bloggers Recognition Award



Well. I am blown away to be nominated for a Blogger Recognition Award! I do not quite know what to say. I was nominated by my new blogging friend, Anne Leueen. Have a click around over on her site. I know you will not be disappointed. She writes of many things and shares the same great love and passion for the horse. I truly appreciate her support and am honored to offer her the same. While you are over there, wish her luck in her winter show season down in Florida. I know she is enjoying the warm weather.

The rules for accepting this award as follows.

  1. Give thanks to the person who had nominated you and a link to their blog.
  2. Write a post to show your award.
  3. Briefly tell how you started blogging.
  4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  5. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award.
  6. Comment on the nominated blogs and let them know you have nominated them and give a link to the post you have created.

How did I start blogging.

Funny you should ask. I wrote a post aptly titled, ‘Why This Blog,’ about this very topic when I started this blog a short five months ago on somewhat of a whim one evening. I thought it was important at the time to give more than just a background on myself, but a background on the blog itself that spoke to more than just topics of interest. I feel the same way about it today. It is more than my random musings, and man, I sure can be random at times! It is more than my love for the horse and what my ride was like. It is more than what I am listening to. It is about life and living it. What we can learn. Being a part of a community. Being supportive of each other. None of us are alone in our walk. Suffice it to say that we are all wonderfully unique and have something in common. The point is, whether it is inspiration, comfort, distraction, hope, or humor, it is my hope that everyone finds something useful here on this little blog of mine. Horse stories are involved. Great music is involved. Food is sometimes involved. My AHA moments about life and what it is really about is most definitely involved. Join me. I am not turning back!


Two pieces of advice for new bloggers.

  1.  Being new to this I am not all that sure I am qualified to offer all that great of advice. However, based on my limited experience, write what is on your heart and feeds your flame. Be honest and true to yourself. It will come through and will relate to people.
  2.  Do not be a formula. I went against advice I was given here from several people and publications. I was told that I should have a narrower focus, I was being too broad. Maybe that is true. I tried to post about the same things on certain days and at the same time, but it just did not feel right. It felt forced when I did that. I write whatever comes at whatever time. It all happens for a reason and we are not formulas.

I nominate the following bloggers, in no particular order, for the award.

Some of the blogs I would nominate have already been nominated and there are MANY others that I enjoy reading as well. I am having a hard time putting together this list. I am having a major blank for some reason and will have to come back and finish this part later. I will think on it for a few days and get back with you.

Thank you so much, again, Anne!

Have a great Friday and walk in love, dear readers.


Happy New Year’s Eve. I for one am glad to ring in the new! It is not my most favorite ‘holiday,’ but this year I am excited for it. I am particularly excited to get back to my regular schedule and back to talking with y’all more often! I am sorry I have been so silent through the holidays. 

It is a rainy morning here on the farm and everyone wants to stay bundled up and cozy inside. The horses are munching their hay in the barn and my dog is at my feet while I wait for the coffee to brew. I am listening to the pitter patter of the rain on the tin roof. 

All is well that ends well, as my mother says. My grandmother has had her surgery and is on her way to recovery! Happy news! Later today, Darcy and I are off to spend NYE at a friend’s house. 

I hope each and every one of you and yours has a very happy NYE! May your bubbly be cold, feelings warm, family and friends present, and animals not freak out too badly with the fireworks. 

Walk in love and I will see you…next year!