From Tuners

To you, dear readers, from Petunia. Just because. She always has a lot to say. It makes me happy. I hope it does you too and brightens your day.  

She was probably commenting on my water line fixing abilities, which leave a lot to be desired. Or, that she was hungry. 

She always seems to be hungry. And happy. Be like Tuners. 

This weekend ended up being as busy as my week. Between late nights, catching up on some sleep, riding horses, chores, helping a friend with her new horse, and crazy weather, I felt like I needed another day before the week started. Luckily, I had a very welcome day off today. Small company perks for the win! We had buckets of rain dumped on us this morning before I headed back to town which filled the pond right up. I see water work in my horses’ futures! 

Hitting it hard at work tomorrow! Walk in love. 

4 thoughts on “From Tuners

  1. I like Petunia. There used to be a mini donkey at a barn I was at a few years ago. Two nights a week I did night check and if I was not quick enough getting him his tiny portion of hay he would bray in the most heart-rending way. He also had a board taken out of his stall so he could poke his head out into the aisleway as he was too small to see over the top. He’s still alive and must be at least 30 now. Thanks for the video!

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