Right Now

Right now I am sorry for being MIA. 

I am sitting on the porch in a rocking chair watching the sunset behind the grazing cows, listening to some great music with a cocktail. 

My dog just chased a dove out of the yard. She was eating the pistachio shells I threw on the ground. 

A few minutes ago, I was bitten by a tree ant. Ouch. 

I rode Cheetah today. Was not the best. For a minute there, I thought I did not have any brakes. It is making me feel down. It is hard to feel better telling myself that tomorrow is a new day when I have so few days with them. Oh well. I cleaned my saddle after, so that is something. 

I took Lito for a walk down the road. He was pretty good. That is something too. 

Tomorrow is a new day, and I will ride Cheetah again first thing in the morning. Then I will ride Ike. Time permitting, I will longe Lito. 

I already do not want to go back to town tomorrow. The sunsets and sunrises I can see here. The sounds and feels. The horses. The cows. My happy dog. She’s happy all the time, yes, no matter where we are. It is different here. I am different here. 

Walk in love, dear readers. 

3 thoughts on “Right Now

  1. I understand this completely. I love my little farm with the sounds of country life. Sounds like Cheetah was having a bit of moment but it’s a part of the journey with horses. I have never found riding/training to ever take a straight path. Ever. Same is true of my life.

    1. It was moment. And you are so right, it is part of the journey and never a straight path….horses or life. Today was a much better day!

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