I was able to make it out to the farm in time to do a little grooming of my horses, dinner prep, and watch the sunset. I am so grateful for it. All is well. 

Side note, not sure if the spell check is working on this, but I am too tired to worry about it at present. 

I had a it of a headache and stomach ache during the drive back from my work trip today, I am guessing due to car sickness…thanks little car. It is a thing for me and it can be so very annoying. I was able to get this shot while I we were working…

I really did have a fun time inspite of the questionable accommodations. That is a story for another day. 

Once I made it home, I took some advil and a couple short naps and I was able to hop in the truck with the parentals to head to the farm. 

Getting in as much riding tomorrow as possible. Rain is expected on Sunday. 

I hope everyone had a great end to their week and has an even better weekend. Next week is another busy work week for us with a conference. I hope to be back to my regular posting even still.

Walk in love, dear readers. 

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