Daily Dose Of Cute

Today is a very special version of DDOC. today is Lito’s birthday. As of about 7:30 AM, he is 4 years old. 

It may be an overdose. 

Take a scroll through the life and times of Lito through the last 4 years. 

You are welcome! 

I may or may not have a problem, but I make no apologies!

The day he was born:

A couple days old:

10 days old:

1 month:

2.5 months:

Almost 4 months:

5 months:

6 months:

1 year:

1 year, 7 months:

2 years:

2.5 years:

Almost 3 years:

3 years, 10 months:

Last week:

Walk in love, dear readers!

14 thoughts on “Daily Dose Of Cute

    1. Thanks!!! 😍 you and me both!!! It’ll take a while lol when he was 2 I was kinda worried lol so thin and lanky. Still narrow, but getting there! He grew vertically so quickly, nothing else had a chance to keep up haha


    1. Thank you! Yes, his primitive markings are pretty pronounced. Depending on the angle, his barring/striping (has some colloquial names as many things do) on his fore legs is also very pronounced. Cheetah has them as well. Every dun has a dorsal stripe. The leg barring is usually there on all duns, but faint. Rare is the shoulder bar/stripe. Lito has them, Cheetah does not. Other rarer expressions of the primitive markings are: barring on the backs of the ears, on the neck, and along the dorsal stripe; cob-webbing on the forehead (basically faint stripes) (Lito had these as a baby…sometimes I can still see them). Color genetics are so cool.

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