Daily Dose Of Cute

Today is a very special version of DDOC. today is Lito’s birthday. As of about 7:30 AM, he is 4 years old. 

It may be an overdose. 

Take a scroll through the life and times of Lito through the last 4 years. 

You are welcome! 

I may or may not have a problem, but I make no apologies!

The day he was born:

A couple days old:

10 days old:

1 month:

2.5 months:

Almost 4 months:

5 months:

6 months:

1 year:

1 year, 7 months:

2 years:

2.5 years:

Almost 3 years:

3 years, 10 months:

Last week:

Walk in love, dear readers!

14 thoughts on “Daily Dose Of Cute

    1. Thanks!!! 😍 you and me both!!! It’ll take a while lol when he was 2 I was kinda worried lol so thin and lanky. Still narrow, but getting there! He grew vertically so quickly, nothing else had a chance to keep up haha

  1. Well ,he is such a cool looking horse. Cute and now handsome. Tell me about the stripes on his legs. They are still evident on his hocks. This is new to me.

    1. Thank you! Yes, his primitive markings are pretty pronounced. Depending on the angle, his barring/striping (has some colloquial names as many things do) on his fore legs is also very pronounced. Cheetah has them as well. Every dun has a dorsal stripe. The leg barring is usually there on all duns, but faint. Rare is the shoulder bar/stripe. Lito has them, Cheetah does not. Other rarer expressions of the primitive markings are: barring on the backs of the ears, on the neck, and along the dorsal stripe; cob-webbing on the forehead (basically faint stripes) (Lito had these as a baby…sometimes I can still see them). Color genetics are so cool.

      1. Interesting. I did not know about this. Is there any research to connect horses to zebras? Or is the dun color showing these stripes a throw back to a prehistoric horse?

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