It Is Not Yet Summer

It is not yet summer here. Hot. Yes, durning the day it is quite hot. I even left the horses out in the pasture when I got here so they could stay in the cover of the Pecan trees, enjoying what breeze we had. 


When the sun starts to go down, the air actually cools. I would deem that a mild June for these parts. No, not quite Summer and I am greatful for this extended spring! I know what’s coming. 

Enjoy it with me as I watch the sun set and feel the southeasterly breeze. 

I made my Mamma’s cheese cake for tomorrow. Decorated it with berries to look like the American Flag. 

I will show you the final work tomorrow! Early morning wake up call for me to get my rides in before the humid heat. 

Walk in love, dear readers! 

10 thoughts on “It Is Not Yet Summer

  1. (HorseLover4Ever) Elizabeth

    Our summer here in IL has been VERY hot and humid, but these past 2 days have been wonderfully cool…it’s a nice break from the very hot weather we’ve been having! 🙂 🙂

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