Monday Musings

If Darcy had thumbs, she would be typing this post. She clearly has more to say than me today. 

She is staring me down for her dinner as she does every evening with increasing intensity until I finally feed her. 

How I am able to stick to my schedule and not cave to feeding her early is beyond me. Just look at that face!

I always feed her before I feed myself and generally at the same time. She has never missed a meal, but she might have you believe she has missed many. 

I love her for it. She’s my beautiful girl. My favorite part about it is that she mixes it up.  She starts at one level and when it doesn’t work, she tries something else. She starts small, just little stares. A little whine. Then she will change positions and locations getting more demanding. Often from behind a piece a furniture. She will then come right up to me staring and whining. Tapping my leg with her cold black nose. Almost demanding. Pretty close to dinner time she gets pretty literal about it and goes to stand right by where her food is, locks her eyes in, and whines rather loudly. It is quite comical. 

For such a sweet and feminine thing, it might seem out of character if you didn’t know better. However, she is pretty vocal and makes sure everyone knows how she feels.  

She is quite comfortable in our new home and to be honest, so am I. 

I swept yesterday and there is already dog hair and toys all over the place. I love it. 

I have hung my art on the walls and everything has and is in its place, slowly and surely. My kitchen is clean and laundry is done. It won’t be long before I am overwhelmed with dirty horse jeans and boot socks with no clean civilian clothes to wear to work, but that is not the case now. 

Darcy and I loaded up and headed to the farm Saturday for the morning. I rode my dun duo and they could not have been better. We are continuing to build Lito’s fitness and strength to keep his tendon strong and my Cheetah girl and I had some bareback QT. 

Mondays after a short week are always weird to me. Like the short week shouldn’t have even happened. It felt like I spent the whole day trying to figure out what I did last week and why because clearly I was still in vacation mode. Maybe that is just a subconscious wish for even more time off. 

It is clearly slow and quiet here with not much to report. I am in a little bit of a funcky, introspective mood. Maybe more on that later. 

I hope everyone had a happy Monday. 

Walk in love, dear readers. 

8 thoughts on “Monday Musings

    1. haha! I would do it in a heart beat and give you more than moral support! My kitchen is usually pretty clean, but the laundry…………..ugh. I always have mountains. And it is just me! My new place has very small washing machines, so I have to get used to doing laundry more often and in smaller loads.

  1. Lovely post. I enjoyed your words and the video and the photos. And Darcy could just dictate a post to you. That’s what Biasini does. I’m just his secretary really!

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