Monday Wisdom

Psst. The Monday work day is over, so here is a little something for you. A little funny and a little cute. 

Monday wisdom from the world of Petunia, as I see it. 

Petunia is the wisest and smartest donkey. She has me trained, clearly. 

Here she is. Playing a good game of ‘Where’s Petunia.’ Unassuming. Or so she wants people to think. 

Calling to me like a beacon. Her ears as radars. Sure, I’ll just walk out there. I have fed everyone else. Heaven forbid she go without. 

“No need to come in at feeding time. The girl will come to you and bring you the little, measly offering of a single alfalfa cube that she calls dinner.”

“Be cute and act like you do not need the offering. Stand there picking and choosing from the all you can eat buffet. Then, when she finally gets there, arm stretched out and reaching for you…

steal the alfalfa cube and take off galloping and bucking to the barn.”

Petunia, the wise one. 

Find the humor in all things. 

Stay the course and know that humans are not the top species. 

Enjoy the sunset on your way back and do not tell the men when they get back from the deer stand. 

The end! I hope you had a chuckle at my expense!!

Walk in love, dear readers!

6 thoughts on “Monday Wisdom

  1. HaHa! Yes! I have known some mini donkeys and they pretty much live on air and water. At one barn they brought the mini in at night as he was a companion for an older retired horse. They cut an opening in the stall wall so he could stick his head out as he was too small for the horse opening. At night check he would stick his head out and hee haw in the most pitiful way as if he was being starved. I had to give him just a handful of hay and the horse got his two flakes in a nibblenet that was hung too high for the donkey. The horse has now passed but he donkey is still going and the owner thinks he must be about 30!

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