Tap, Tap, Tap?


Thought you lost me, didn’t you? No such luck.

Just over here, keeping my head above water. Ha! Figuratively, not literally of course. You do know how I love a good metaphor.


A little bit of rain would be nice, though. It is a titch dry and the grass, well, is down right crispy.

Somehow the start of August came and went in a blink of an eye after the July I have had. July might as well not have been here! Two weeks in France and two weeks out of state for work. Then last weekend was a girls weekend at the bay complete with my Darcy dog. Man, this adulting is hard. Traveling and working to pay for your life.


Not that I am asking for a violin serenade or anything, let us get real. (Because, actually, when you think about it. It is pretty cool to be able to do and pay for things. Although, I might or might not have shed an actual tear for the lack of magic butter). It just makes for not much time for talking with you as you may or may not have noticed.

And zero time for actual riding of my horses and I have only been able to see them twice since being back. That is the real tragedy here. For me more so than for the horses. And maybe for those around me.

tenor (1)

But. Life is now getting back to normal and that means actual riding will be happening soon. And blogging. And that makes Avery a happy person.

Speaking of blogging. Want to hear about the rest of my France trip?

Tune back in later this week!

Walk in love, dear readers, and go be a happy person!

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