It’s Raining

It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring.

As that nursery rhyme goes. Silly sounding nursery rhyme if you ask me. What is that you say? Nobody asked me? Well, I suppose you are correct.

Anyway, I bet that old man is snoring. That is what happens when it rains and rains on repeat and people can’t ride their horses.

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Drinking coffee this morning listening to the rain tap tap tap on my roof and windows, looking forward to riding again and spring and daylight and sunshine. One day. Any day. Some day soon.


This too shall pass, as they say. I know I have said it often enough. These days though, this gal’s patience is running a titch thin.

Patience. It is indeed a virtue.

That is enough of that complaining.

Walk in love, dear readers. Have a great Wednesday!

6 thoughts on “It’s Raining

    1. Ugh. Yes, the wind, but I will take just wind and now rain! I have not had safe ground to ride in quite some time. We have had so much rain this fall and winter. Just a little bit and everything is slick soup. When the horses are out there slipping while walking…and FRESH because they have not had basically any work…I pass on riding.


  1. We’re supposed to be in the grips of winter here on the east coast of Canada (and for the most part we are), but we keep having these random storms where the temps go way up above freezing and we get downpours and high winds. They’re driving me crazy, because you can kind of at least go for a walk on frozen ground, but with my grass ring, once that rain comes I’m done for 😦 This is the wackiest winter I’ve seen in a long time. Come on Spring!!!

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