Y’all. The drought has ended.


The riding drought that is. And any and all working with any horse. The universe can breathe now. We were entering into desperate waters. Desperate and deep.


See what I mean?! Nothing like your horse friends to commiserate with.

Anyway. We are still very wet and we are still getting more rain (any little bit turns the ground right back into soup with how saturated the ground already is), but we were blessed with some good sun power recently (and a lack of crazy wind and humid cold temps) that awarded us with dry enough ground to go and have some fun.

I even got quite a few chores done. By the end of the day Saturday, I was pooped having been on my feet on the move all day, stopping only for thirty minutes for a quick bite to eat for lunch.

My gal pal, Cheetah all ready to rock and roll.

She was on the sassy side, but I am sure nobody is surprised by that. We still had a great time.

Just look at that face. “Who, me!?”

Yes, you!

Who could not love that face. So cute.

I did some ground work with Lito as we took a walk to the river bottom. He seemed to be in such a good head space that when we got back to the barn, I decided to pitch him the trailer and see how he felt about it. Well wouldn’t you know he just hopped right on after me as if the last nine months of some weird developmental phase were not a thing. I will take it! I kinda felt bad we were not headed off to somewhere fun.

Therefore, I think it is past time to plan something fun soon!

I was able to get everything finished before we had a little storm after the sun went down. As tired of I am of the rain, it sure makes for a pretty picture all the same. Colorful. Dynamic. Story telling.

Pretty sunrises. I am a sucker for them. Especially on Sunday.

It was Chance’s turn for a romp on Sunday morning. He made sure he was good and dirty for me.

It appears he forgot his brain somewhere deep in the mud. As annoying as his mane insisting it point to the sky. However, we will give him a pass as he has not been worked in a while. However, he has a boot camp in store for him to get his brain fully seated back where it belongs.

Weather permitting of course.


Has the weather been keeping you down?! Do not fear, this too shall pass.

Walk in love, dear readers!

7 thoughts on “Drought

  1. Looks beautiful there! Our land is also at the stage of “little bit turns the ground right back into soup” which is SO annoying, but next week should be dry so I’m hoping the ground will harden up a bit!

    1. Thank you! So very annoying, I agree. Just remember, this too shall pass. We just apparently have to give it enough time. Here is hoping you get some ride time in! <3 Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  2. Rocking E Cowgirl

    I completely understand. It’s been SO SO wet here too! And cold. I rode this past weekend and it had been a long time… We were all a little out of sorts.

  3. So glad you got to ride! Here on the east coast of Canada, we’re deep in the grips of winter so our choices of ground are 1. Frozen solid enough to break the cannon bones of any horse daring to do more than a walk or 2. Mud. Back and forth between the two, sometimes within a 12 hour window from one to the other. Seriously, this needs to stop! I won’t be riding til May. xx

  4. We’ve been alternating between nice and winter. Not so much the snow. Not so much the cold. When my daughters were on Christmas break, they pre-booked their practice sessions for the indoors. On the nice days, they did some trail riding. Almost a regular winter off-season for them.

    Watch out for those puddles. 🙂

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