Need one? Take one. Or several.

Maybe I can help with this…

Petunia was off by the pond and it was a bit hot and sticky to walk all the way down there.

Have an extra cup of coffee and watch the videos again. Take a breath.

Then dang howdy, let us get to work.

Walk in love, dear readers. 2 weeks till my Merley comes home. I. Can. Not. Wait.

4 thoughts on “Moment

  1. Is that an Avery hand I see in the videos? (lol) 🙂
    I can tell you’re experienced feeding horses by hand. Elizabeth, one time, shared her apple with one of the horses with her part in her mouth.

    Though a little chilly, finally we’re having a nice day. It started gray and foggy, then the sun came out at mid-morning. Our horses are able to enjoy their field without being windblown.

    1. Haha it is. We feed many treats. I have done what Elizabeth does many times!

      Come on spring! Glad your horses were able to enjoy being out!

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