An Empty House Is A Quiet House.

I have to tell you that a house without a dog in it is a really quiet house, and not in a good way.

I knew this already, but I kinda forgot. Not sure how. That is what brought me Merle, that quiet after Darcy.

I just recently went a on an adventure trip with R (Weee! More on that later) and returned home on Sunday.

Yes, yes, that IS exciting! But back to the point.

The bad part about this trip was that my Merle could not come along. That could all be fine and good because he does like it at his kennel where he is boarded, but the kennel does not do pickups on Sunday because they are technically closed. You know, Sunday and all.

So I had to wait until yesterday to go pick him up.


That is a long time to be in an empty, quiet house. And I do not mind being the only person, seemingly alone. You could turn the volume up as loud as you wanted on the television or the music and it would still be quiet. And it brought back that awful, empty quiet that you want to forget.

You see, a dog has a certain energy that they exude. Even if they are just sleeping in their bed, not even at your feet, their energy just fills a room. Then it is the lack of jingling collar tags. That one is a real heartbreaker. No little boop of a cold nose. No moaning and groaning and talking back in protest. No, well, I do not know if I can even describe it. It is like there is no feel or reciprocation of energy.

It is similar to that feeling you get when someone is watching you, you know? And you just feel it and turn to that feel to find who is looking at you? It is like that. When they are there, you can just feel them. When they are not, you feel that loss or empty and you find yourself looking around for them. Like they should be there but they are not.

Does anyone else ever feel that way?


Oh well.

Before I dropped Merle off at the kennel on Wednesday, we went to the farm to check on the horses and had an early birthday game of fetch in the pond.

He turned two years old on Thursday the 17th!

I figured if he could not come along with us, then he deserved some extra fun for his birthday!

I think he enjoyed that extra fun!

I mean. Just look at him.

Happy dog.

Walk in love, dear readers, and stay tuned to hear about our trip!

13 thoughts on “An Empty House Is A Quiet House.

  1. Hi Avery!
    I just LOVE your post, Merle is so handsome and your photos are AWESOME! You can see the fun he had for his birthday. Thanks for the link to when you decided to get Merle. Oh those puppy photos are so adorable!! Makes me want to get a puppy!!
    You and Merle made me SMILE!! Have a great week! ❤️ ~Diana

    1. Diana,
      Thank you so much for your comments! I appreciate it more than you know! He was the cutest puppy. I am glad we made you smile 😊. I am glad you enjoyed it and hope you come by for another read! Have a great week yourself!

      1. Hi Avery,
        I’m following your blog so I’ll get notifications when you post. I’ll have to go back and read more of your blog posts as I loved all the photos in one of your blogs of you trail riding on your horse. I trail ride too! And love to share photos of my rides. It was my pleasure to visit and comment! 🤠🐴

      2. Oh my gosh, I know exactly how you feel! When my dog is in kennels for a little longer than the time we are away it feels so strange in the house. Those pictures look like a lot of fun though.

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  3. A lovely post!! Yes, it is a quiet house without a dog. We lost our a few months ago and I still expect to hear him bark when there’s a knock on the door or to scamper into the kitchen when a cupboard door is opened. 🙁

    1. I am so sorry for your loss! It is so so hard. If you have never experienced it, you will never really know. But. We are better for knowing and having them that is for sure. Will you be getting another pup?

      1. Thank you – your kindness is appreciated!!!
        We have talked about it but, for now, it is too soon. Ha, that sounds as if there is a “right” time but I am sure we will know it when it feels right! Stay well!

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