The Dad Approach.

Or, ‘The Friday Night Bubbles.’ You choose. Brace yourselves for an evening post…and a Friday night post at that!

I am normally a morning poster. Sue me, I am a morning person, it is my time of day, but the mood struck so here we are. One must capitalize on the mood, right?! That is what it is all about. I remember when I first started this blog, I did a bunch of research on how to create a successful ‘site.’ Much of the advice centered around making sure you post at the most opportune time to get the click traffic. This is decidedly not that time! There is quite a bit of advice I did not follow! Enough about all of that.

I have been baking this fine Friday evening for a Christmas party tomorrow night. A chocolate cheesecake cake with cream cheese frosting. Say that five times fast, I dare you. It will be ‘abstractly’ decorated like a winter forest. You know, since we do not have white Christmases down here. More on the cake later.

This has historically been a very festive and fun weekend to stay in town with all the parties, especially when the weather will be less than agreeable (you know I will make it out the farm at some point or…points, do not worry). I almost wrote about a Texas Christmas because of our very Texas weather, can you imagine?! How boring. Except, really, our weather is very Texas-ey this month). On December 1st I had intentions of posting almost every day with joyful Christmassy things to make everyone happy and joyful. I got as far as a couple fun and festive photo shoots and the rest just did not happen. Sigh. Life happens, what can I say? I apologize for the let down!

These are the only new pictures I have. This is real life. The real faces of Christmas ponies. Covered in molasses protein tub…and a human shadow…

Yes, you see Twinkle Toes glitter. Judge me. I dare you.

You really can not not love a molasses covered horse face.

Anyway, I have been baking and dancing in the kitchen with my Merle while the music plays. I would like to say that we are jamming to Christmas music (which I am sure all of you would have guessed), but in truth, we are listening to music from my ‘college days’ (lawd, so good. I swear, it is still the best music I have ever listened to). That seems a strange statement as university seems like only yesterday…it has been about ten years since I graduated. That is very strange. Again, not the point.

Get on with it. Ya, sorry.

OK, there are a couple of things.

As I sit here sipping some bubbley while the chocolate cake layers cool (the cheesecake layer is already baked, cooled, and in the refrigerator), there are a multitude of things that get my memories and thoughts flowing…and, er, bubbling.  

Blame it, all of this, on the bubbley. It would not be the first time the bubbley was blamed for something.

It occurred to me at some point today that I have purchased almost zero presents. Yikes. Although, these days we have generally all agreed to only really get gifts for the kids, but those are the most important ones! I have a couple of things that I purchased months ago, but that does not cover the need. I have some work to do! It reminds me of my Pops’ approach to purchasing gifts. He always seems to buy ALL of his gifts the week of Christmas. Yes, I know. I do not know how he does it either. Do not ask. I have always wondered, do other fathers do this? I think this is just a man thing?

When I was younger, there were times I would go with him that very week of Christmas to purchase and then deliver his gifts after I wrapped them. It was a marvel to me, and I wondered if all dads did that. One time, I was with him when he purchased my Christmas gift. It was most likely all three of our gifts. We were at REI and he pulled several high quality wool socks of the shelf and had me carry them as we shopped and then checked out. After we got home, he had me wrap them, as per usual. All of them. Side note, I have always liked to wrap gifts. Cousin H and I used to wrap all of my Grandmother’s gifts for her. We discovered that she would unwrap my cousin’s wrapped presents and have me rewrap them because I was better at it. Anyway, back to the story, I am not quite sure how I never realized it, but my Pops had me wrapping my own present! I remember myself laughing so hard when I opened that present and then Pops having a good chuckle. I have always liked the socks he got me. They have certainly come in handy over the years. I have always thought that a dad should buy their children good wool socks because you just never know when you will need them. I have needed them quite a bit. He gave me more when I went off to college. One birthday while I was away at school he messaged me to tell me happy birthday. I thanked him and told him I was wearing a pair of the socks he gave me. He said he was happy I was warm.

My Eldest Sister A has done this too, except I did not have to wrap this one. She was purchasing Breyer model horses for me and for a barn kid she was babysitting. She took me along when she was shopping to try and get a feel for which one I would like best. Well, I remember that Breyer pony she ended up giving me quite well to this day. She was a pony. A very refined and fine boned specimen. She possibly had some Arabian blood. You could tell by the profile of her head. All my Breyers are packed away in a closet upstairs, but she was like a greying, flea bitten chestnut in color. So loved by me, at least one of her legs had to be glued back on, likely two legs. You did not love your Breyer horses unless you broke a leg or two.

I digress. I am clearly following in the footsteps of my forebearers and utilizing the dad approach in the present buying. I have some work to do!

What really has all the memories and thoughts flowing is that I was smacked in the face today when I got home. I love this time of year getting Christmas cards in the mail. One of the cards I got today took my breath away before I even took it out of the mailbox. The handwriting on it looked just like H’s. I just stared at it for a long while and could not breathe for a bit. I almost swore that it was her until I saw the return address label which actually caused some great confusion in my brain. I took a deep breath and snagged my mail like a thief before a neighbor thought something was amiss. The card was obviously not from H, but she would always send a Christmas card with their Border Collies on it. I just loved that she did that and that I always got one from her and M. She was also so good at sending people cards in the mail in general, whether or not it was a special occasion. Just because. She had reason to hate this time of year, but she did not. This was H’s time of year and she brought us all such joy. I also used to talk to her while I baked or cleaned. I do not have anything else to say about that other than I just miss her. Still. Always will. I look forward to when I see something like that and I just smile.

Thanks for being here for me and for reading to the end of this Friday night holiday ramble. What is this holiday season bringing to your mind?

Walk in love, dear readers. Have some holiday fun this weekend!

14 thoughts on “The Dad Approach.

  1. I’m going to embrace the sock giving as my hubby gave us all a thick pair of socks last Christmas. His thought was we are going to remove all the carpet in the house and replace with hardwood floors (laminate) and only carpet in the bedrooms. I thought what a silly gift but they have come in handy so now I’m thinking what a great gift!! Love your dad, mine watches over me from above, miss him and mom so much but I have lots of family here and wish we all lived closer. But we all stay in touch. ❤️

    Love your molasses nosed ponies!! (I call my horses ponies as endearment loves as my thoroughbred is 17hh and my mare almost 16hh!) Your ponies are BEAUTIFUL!! I loved your rambling post, and want to see the cake, was it delicious? Sounds so YUMMY!! ❤️🎂🐴🥂❤️

    1. Such a good gift! I am a house slipper person, so that is nice! I am glad you and your family are in touch. Keep it that way. Life is too short.

      Thank you so much! I really appreciate that as they are my babies! I call them all ponies too lol. The cake was indeed quite good and there are pictures coming soon!

    2. Molasses covered horses are the most lovable and I am all in favour of the sparkly toes! My Dad is also very much a last minute present buyer – except that I chivvy him up a lot now!

  2. I think Merle doesn’t want to wear his holiday bowtie anymore, but momma is insisting … 😉

    I might need an overnight trail ride, with a campfire. No fancy food, a can of beans and some hard tack (the hardest piece of bread ever made). A bedroll on cold ground for Christmas Eve.

    A Merry Christmas, Avery. And, to Merle, the horsies. Don’t you have a kitty too?

    1. Haha you might be right. He also didn’t want to be sitting where I told him to…those places are technically not allowed. But I had to get him close to the tree!

      I like you’re Christmas idea! Except the beans part. You should have something a little better! Seabiscuit’s sire was Hard Tack.

      Merry merry Christmas! I can’t believe it is the week of Christmas already. We have a farm cat, his name is Luke Boots.

      1. Okay, a little salt pork to flavor the beans … and maybe some brown sugar to sweeten, and a touch of Hennessey’s to take out the chill.

        Don’t worry about gift shopping. Food always makes a fine substitute, especially something you like. With money, it’s “how come they got more?”

        Once we get through Christmas and New Year’s, a couple weeks later, we’ll be saying, “didn’t we do this yesterday???”

        Celebrate well, young lady.

  3. What a sweet post! ..and yes, wool socks are very important! I wear good quality wool socl=ks daily six months/year, and an under layer of wool daily 3-4months/year. At the moment I am sitting in my couch having my morning coffee wearing a wool sweater, so cozy. Thanks for the horsey photos. I’ve had horses most of my life, but at the moment I am “in between horses”.

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