To The Point.

Is winter over yet? I thought it was with the last cold front, but apparently that is not the case. I jinxed it when I went so far as to say, “winter is over! This is it!.” You would think I would know better by now. Yet, here we are in another freeze.

That is not really the point of this post though. In truth, today I do not really have a point. This time of year I am just so ready for the cold to be over that my brain does not really move on to much else. I think if you have been around here for a little while, I think this time of year is when I post the least. I am so ready for sun, warmth, daylight, and more riding. I will not say anything more about whether or not winter is locking up for the season, but I do know it is really starting to green up and the daylight changes tonight!

THE herd. The crew. Minus one who is just out of view.

All of that said, you might find it funny that I am currently sitting on the patio of a restaurant, by a river, in 33 deg F weather. I have a problem. It is just so pretty. I almost can not feel my fingertips as I write. There is a slight breeze with ducks playing in the water. The sun is just breaching around the buildings. The sky is blue and the high is supposed to be above 60 today. However this is a vacation of sorts. I am out of town with my family for my little cousin’s wedding. It may be cold, but it will be stunning.

It reminds me of a breakfast on a patio I had in Paris, France, watching the passers by.

My boys and me. Just us three.

Coffee and a mimosa brunch are in order for sure. I just poured a fresh, steaming cup. In the natural way of things, I have been up for over an hour waiting for my family to wake up and get moving. This is normally my favorite time to write to you! Since they are related to me, I just got a message that half of them are up and coming down, so I might have to leave for a minute.

Lito and I enjoying the sun.

Anyway, I just want to remind everyone to take a breath and love themselves. Forgive yourself and those around you.

Just enjoying a moonlit farm evening.

It is interesting being out in public. Especially driving. People are all in such a rush and a hurry with seemingly no regard for anyone or anything else. Slow down. Take a breath. Try not to cut people off in your haste and hurry. That is how you hurt people and damage things. Dramatic, I know, but it is truth.

Just sitting with my Cheetah in the sun. Can you see Merle on the run?

I am just reminding myself and all of you, dear readers, to slow down. Take a breath and smell the roses! Life is so very short. You will get there when you get there. Try to brighten the world with the steps you take. Smile at people. Wave when you change lanes.

We have forgotten how to be neighbors. I think that is the point.

We are all together in this world. If you are late, you’re late, that is OK. You will get there when you get there, but don’t make others late.

I think that is all for today. I had much more to say, but in another natural way of things, they have all left me as I enjoy the beauty around me. Be happy dear readers. Enjoy who is around you and what you have today.

As always, walk in love, dear readers. I will be back soon!

3 thoughts on “To The Point.

  1. Enjoyed your thoughts and yes, I’m hoping winter is over soon. I’m in California so it’s not too cold but I’m looking forward to spring. I think we all need to enjoy each day and slow down and smell the roses as they say! I enjoyed your herd of photos, my favorites with you riding. Have a wonderful wedding celebration weekend!

  2. How does a girl from Texas get to be in Paris? Paris as in France. I might understand the other Paris … in Texas. (LOL)

    I hope you had a good wedding weekend.

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