Sunrise Saturday

Good morning, good morning! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Man, I am on a roll with the alliteration today! I apologize for my absence. I dare say you will forgive me after you hear about my weekend.

I had a great weekend at the farm. I got out of town as quick as I could and hit the road around 3:30 in the afternoon (why I did not post on Friday). I hitched and loaded up the trailer to be ready to pull out early on Saturday to have a morning riding with friends. I loaded handsome Ike and left the farm around 6:15. I had this grand design to take a bunch of photos of horses and nature to share with you, but I was having too much fun and did not take but one picture! How is that for being in the moment?! Go me! We arrived at our destination at about 7 and unloaded to witness this beautiful Saturday sunrise! Even Ike was enjoying it. Please pardon all the power lines and trailers. Even still, is that not gorgeous??? IMG_7730
I am thankful I got to enjoy that sunrise before everyone started pulling up. It gave me a quiet moment of reflection with Ike and reminded me how blessed I am. I have been so stuck in the deep lately, that it is hard to get above it and see the positive and what life is all about. I am beyond blessed to be able to do everything I get to do. To be able to wake up before the sunrise, ride with friends on a fantastic horse, and enjoy great company and fellowship in the Texas countryside?!…Cue that Jerry Jeff song… An absolute dream to me. Life’s simple pleasures and God winks are truly great to witness. THIS is what it is all about. It is an AHA moment I have frequently.

Anyway, I digress. Mr. Ike was a perfect gentleman, as per usual. I also felt a slight mixing of fall air. I know what you are thinking, “you crazy lady, you’re in Texas. It is not time for fall yet.” I know, I know, but I felt it! I fit a couple more rides in on the other horses in between chores and storms. I did get soaked to my skivvies when the sky opened up and caught me far from cover. Oops! My parents came out on Sunday to stay the rest of the weekend. We all decided that to leave on Monday would be criminal…and a traffic nightmare, so we stayed till this morning. That 5:15 AM wake up call might catch up with me later, but I will fight through. My momentum will not stop and I will make this a great week.

Happy short work week, dear readers!

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