Before I discuss the matter of tack shop tent sale, I have something for you. It has been a busy short week at work (yay!) and Friday has ‘snuck up’ on me, so I bring to you this Flashback Friday moment of my Darcy pup! Those paws kill me!
1381236_10153326384635527_1769972607_nYes, I have several pictures of her sleeping. It is the best way to photograph a bird dog. They just move too fast! …..and yes, I also have several blurry, half of a dog, funny faced, or empty photos like these…

I have so, so many of these. Sometimes they turn out pretty well…most all of them are airborne….They are all a pretty accurate representation of her personality.

Anyway, next Saturday is the local tack shop’s tent sale! (Sorry, that was a bit of a tease) I am turbo excited…not that I need to do any more purchasing for my horses, but you never know what kind of deal you can find on something you really need! Yes, NEED. Rest assured, I will let you know what I get. I usually get something. Hey, it is not every day they have a big sale. This Saturday I might actually go buy some clothes for myself…that is not as fun as buying pony things. I also have a little bit of niece and nephew babysitting to do. Then it will be off to the farm for me and the Darcy Doolittle.

Have a safe and fun weekend, dear readers. What will y’all be up to??? Do not forget to take a moment to breathe deep and see and feel the wonderful things! Can you feel fall trying to sneak its way in?!


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