Do you ever feel as if you have missed the…whisper? You know, like the memo or the signs? I keep getting this nagging feeling that I missed as the whispers God was sending me. Is He yelling at me now?  I think it might feel like yelling. Has it escalated to that because I keep missing the message?

I always saw myself as a person who could see and hear those things. Metaphors and points are not generally lost on me. Now I am not so sure. Has the gentle tapping on my shoulder turned into a bag of flying bricks? What do those bricks look like? All of a sudden, relatively speaking, I feel as if I have turned into a strictly literal person who has missed the message.

How do I know what His path is for me? How narrow is it? I do not think it is too narrow to miss it, but I do not feel like I am doing the right thing with my ‘life’s work.’ That sounds so grand and great. My career. Why can’t I just buckle down and work my way through this? I am a hard worker by nature. Here I do not feel that way. I know the path is more circuitous in nature, rather than straight. Am I just on a really big bend right now? What does He want me to learn in this?

So many questions and feelings right now.

What are your thoughts?

Walk in love. I can only walk right now. One step at a time.


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