Every Year.

Happy Wednesday! It has flown by for me and I hope for y’all too. If you need help on that front, I am listening to Mike McClure today. I think Drew Kennedy will be next. I have really loved reading everyone’s year end reviews and goals and plans for 2017.

Now that we have all gotten our reflections and resolutions out of the way, let us get to my most favorite thing to do in the first week of January, every year. Vet day! Everyone is on the same schedule and starts the year off with hopefully a clean bill of health. This is really my only New Year tradition and I really look forward to it. This year is no different. It makes me feel good that they are taken care of and have everything they need. It is part of who I am. It is a perfect spring board for my 2017 goals. I also may or may not have purchased a new saddle pad this week…

Is there something that y’all do at the beginning of every year with out fail? or treated yourself to for what feeds your flame?

It is the only time I am happy to see my vet: when he is scheduled to come. On Friday, untitledeveryone gets their annual vaccines and check up, blood drawn for their Coggins test, and has their teeth checked. I scheduled the visit a couple of weeks before the holidays as I do every year. The funny thing is, the weather is ALWAYS less than pleasant. Cold, cloudy, and, if we are…er…lucky, wet. Seriously, every time. We always talk about it when he arrives. Sure enough, Friday looks like a good day for Vet day! Not to worry if you were, you will be getting a report on how it all goes.

The rest of the weekend looks nice and sunny! Barring any negative reactions to the vaccines, I will get some light riding in on Saturday and Sunday. There will also definitely be some campfire and music time Saturday evening.

Sounds like a good first week of 2017 to me!

The sun always comes out after the clouds. AHAmoment.

Walk in love with your head held high, dear readers.



10 thoughts on “Every Year.

  1. Interesting that you do the vaccines now. At home in Canada we do them in the spring ( May) as we approach mosquito season. I don’t do them then but do them end of November before coining down to FL. I look forward to your report.

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    1. Well. There is probably a slightly more strategic time to do it, but I do not think that down here it makes that much of a difference since we do not have a real cold or dry season. It will only freeze a few times a year really and it is always wet. Therefore we basically have mosquitoes all the time. It is the same with the fleas for the dogs.


      1. I’m planning to do a post about Vaccinosis soon. I interviewed my Vet at home about it. He would agree that if your horses are not exposed to other horses that travel and don’t do much of it themselves less is needed.

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  2. Tracy - Fly On Over

    I do vaccines in the spring and fall — but it’s kind of nice to do them right around Jan 1 every year — I bet it makes it super easy to remember that way!

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