Can Not Complain.

Busy day/week.month here at work. How did it get to be almost the end of January? I have had a nasty upper respiratory something or other since Thursday. The amount of meds and sleep is astounding. I have an ever growing pile of laundry that needs to be dealt with or I will have nothing to wear. I have slacked on my newly minted good habits.


I got to have brunch with my Aunt and Cousins on Sunday (and dinner on Thursday, did I mention that?) and this (pst…look below)



on Saturday. I rode Chance and Cheetah. Still the best medicine in my book. The ground was surprisingly firm given the amount of rain we got last week. Cheers to growing grass with all the sun this week! Chance was wonderful…Cheetah was not the best. Granted, that can probably be blamed on me and my sick, top-heavy head. My saddle was also slipping back more than normal. She has been so great the past two weeks, so I will take it.


I can not complain. Ernest used to always say that.

Can you complain?

Walk in love, dear readers.

10 thoughts on “Can Not Complain.

  1. I had some upper respiratory thing last April and I didn’t think I was going to make it. I was in bed for a month. So glad you were able to get out over the weekend. Take care and hope you feel better real soon.

    1. Oh man! That sounds awful! I am glad too. It did me good even if it did wear me out. I am slowly getting back to normal. I am in the phase where I sound worse than I feel.

    1. It is a hard one. I find myself in that train of thought often and then get mad at myself because really all my things are small and do not add up in the grand scheme of things

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