Sunday Blues. 

You know how on Sundays when you start to feel that sad feeling brought on by the end of the weekend and the start of the week? Do you get it too? Sometimes, no matter how hard you try or how much you love what you do, it just creeps up on you. My mom calls it the Sunday Blues. My cousins call it the Sunday Scaries. I have friends that call it the Sunday Funk. 

It creeped up on me yesterday, and I was quite surprised by it. We have been really busy at work which is a really good thing. It makes the day to day more exciting. It makes the state of the oil and gas indistry more ‘comfortable.’ The weekend was pretty good. I did get out to the farm to ride Cheetah. We took a couple short loops around the pond because we were on a short time frame. Some is better than none! We got a lot of rain and Darcy and I took a nap listening to the pitter patter against the window. There was movie watching. I was refreshed. 

Maybe it was because I could only get one quick ride in on Cheetah. 

Maybe it was my list of things at work. 

Even my Darcy girl was feeling it yesterday. 

Despite the blues, it was a pretty dang good Monday. What are your best ways to combat the Sunday Blues/Scaries/Funk?

Walk in love, dear readers! 

I hope each and every one of you has a great week, free of any more blues. 

I am having dinner with one set of grandparents and lunch with another set this week. Good for the soul. 

29 thoughts on “Sunday Blues. 

  1. I had a moment where I was feeling the opposite yesterday. I had had a lovely weekend with the kids and hubby but at the end of it I couldn’t help feeling a bit happy that Monday would bring a quiet house (as I work from home). I used to have the worst Sunday dreads and I am afraid I never quite figured out how to deal with them.

    1. I love when that happens! Sounds lovely. I think everyone gets them and is always trying to figure out how to deal with them. I wish I could work from home!

      1. Oh, I breed I know nothing about! Exciting, I know a little about most dogs, and surely I should have spotted a Setter, but this is one I still haven’t met.
        Off to google it! 🙂

          1. Oh I see.
            I like the setters, they have a softness to them. Growing up, my neighbors had a giant, rust colored Irish Setter, Marcus. I loved to pet him over the low fence. For some reason he never jumped over, although I know now he easily could have.

            1. They do have such a softness and have such character while at the same time being regal. I grew up with them. My sister has an Irish.

    1. I am so sorry! I know the feeling though, I have been there! This week has been really busy and fast and I am ready for it to be over.

        1. haha that is the worst! I actually did that yesterday when talking to a friend. I thought it was already Friday by how fast it was going. Then I realized it was only Tuesday…in this case, I was glad to have more time to get more work done! Normally, I would have been really sad that the weekend was so far away!

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