Hump Day.

Here is my lunch time thought. Since we talked about the Sunday Blues (or Scaries/Funk/Dreads, whichever you fancy) and the resulting conversations (thanks to everyone for your comments and to Karen for this Hump Day inspiration! Go check out her blog because she is expecting a foal here pretty soon and the world is about to get that much cuter. I am currently exercising extreme restraint and not breeding my mare! I have foal fever!), let us get into Hump Day.


Wednesdays have long been known as Hump Day. That middle of the week hurdle, once conquered, brings us with in grasp of the fleeting weekend. I live for my weekends to ride my horses. To recharge my batteries. To get back to center (let us not forget this song or this song!). Side note, expecting rain again………….Can not complain though, it grows the grass to feed the cows and horses. It recharges the water sources. Positive focus. Go me!

There are many ways people celebrate this day. I often partake in Wine Wednesday, as you might have noticed in the past, to celebrate that Hump Day hurdle. Or a special mid week dinner out with friends. Do you do something special for yourself for making it halfway through the week? Do not tell me you get a gold star.

On this particular Wednesday, I am going to be celebrating in another way. Dinner with my Mom’s parents and my Cousin. I am having lunch on Friday with Dad’s parents. I am so blessed to be 28 years old and have two full sets of Grandparents. I know many people can not say that. I have always been close with them. Growing up I would go to their house on weekends to play and for sleepovers. Or run errands with them. Listen to the stories of their lives. Learn from them. See their faith. Go to the movies. Ride horses. Do arts and crafts. Bake. I see myself in them. I see my family in them. We come from them. I love them and have always been close with them.

It is hard, knowing that every day with them is precious and they will not be here for forever. Life. It is even harder on my parents and it hurts me sometimes to watch the realization in them and knowing one day I will be there in their shoes. I take every opportunity to spend time with them.

I got an email from my dad today about positivity and social media from Jim’s Daily Awakenings. I really liked it so I thought I would share it with you below. Try to remember this advice in this social media driven world. Remember the Golden Rule you were taught as a child. It still applies today in all facets and forums. Get out of social media and talk to people. Be nice. Be positive. Care. Lift people up. Support each other.

Walk in love, dear readers, and have a blessed Wednesday! Tell your people you love them.

“I have a shocking thing to say to those of you on social media: Not everyone is interested in seeing a photo of your lunch, knowing your political opinions, or who you were with last night.
This morning I counted 210 social media networking websites.  This excludes the online dating websites.  The possible way to engage in conversation and share your opinion with strangers abounds.
But it bothers me that so many of the social media sites have gone negative. 
I detest all the hostile, nasty, intimidating political remarks that are posted online.
I hate that social media has become a forum for negativity, criticism, belittling, complaining, fault-finding, cynical remarks, put downs, unkind comparisons, and even verbal bullying.  Words that damage permanently are spoken behind the curtain of the Internet.  Some people have even committed suicide over things said to them online. 
Our words spoken online and in public should be positive, affirming, and encouraging. We should try to build people up in such a way that they never get over our edification of them.”  
Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” (Proverbs 18:21)

13 thoughts on “Hump Day.

  1. I’m with you on the negativity! I don’t like it either. So thank you for always being positive even when you write about things or events that have saddened you.

  2. Thanks for the mention!! (Now I need to get serious about designing my blog instead of using the standard templates lol)

    On Wednesdays I give myself a break. I don’t ride, I don’t clean, I don’t workout, nothing! I just veg in front of the tv. That’s my reward.

    I was just speaking to my sister about how our parents are getting up there in age. We don’t have any living grandparents and they all passed before we were old enough to understand so we haven’t experienced loss the way many do. It’s so nice to see you cherish your time with your grandparents. I know recently I have made such an effort to really savor the one on one time I get with my parents.

    As for social media negativity, it’s really driven me away from Twitter and I’ve had to hold my tongue on Facebook. I respect that everyone has the right to voice whatever they want on their feed. I also have the right to not follow those people. However in some cases I force myself to simply stay silent as a way of building tolerance and acceptance. I always try to work on my empathy but there are certainly days were my I reach the end of my rope.

    Now that hump day is over, I’m ready to hit Thursday and Friday at full speed.

    1. Ha! I have just a standard template lol. Maybe I shouldn’t admit that? I like that. Give yourself a break. I am glad you are able to savor the time you get with them. Some people have a hard time doing that because it is just too hard to face.
      I am the same way with the book of face. It is disappointing how negative and quick to jump people are when they are behind that screen. I try to limit my exposure because otherwise it is just not uplifting. I have no desire to willingly subject myself to that kind of negativity. It is hard enough to avoid.

  3. I’m (almost) 28 and just have the one set of grandparents. I try to spend as much time with them as possible, especially after losing my dad a couple years ago. It really puts what is important in focus to lose a loved one. Thanks for linking to the Spanish Walk blog…as if I need anymore foaling anxiety than my own! ha. I wish I had wifi at the barn to run a webcam!

    1. I bet you do. It really does put it all into perspective, that is for sure.
      I mean, everyone should have more foal cuteness in their life! I want to breed my mare again so bad, but I just can’t right now. GET A WEBCAM! lol

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