Desire. A thought for the day.

I have and have had many desires in my life as I am sure many of you have. I find the dynamic nature of desires interesting and intriguing. As we learn and grow in life, as we gain wisdom with age, our desires change with our change in perspective. One can learn a lot about themselves, and others, by deciphering where certain desires come from. AHAmoment.

According to Merriam-Webster, the word desire is defined as:

  • Transitive verb: to long or hope for; to express a wish for or to; and most interestingly, to feel the loss of
  • Noun: conscious impulse toward something that promises enjoyment or satisfaction in its attainment; longing; craving; formal request or petition for action; something longed or hoped for

To feel the loss of something. I found that interesting to be defined there in just that way. How can you long for something you never had? Can you feel the loss of something you never had? Can you really desire something you have never known? Is it really loss if you never actually had it to lose? I think so. That speaks to how powerful they are and how/why they drive us. I think that is part of what makes our true desires conscious.

What do you think?

I think the loss is very real. The relationship of the parent you never had. Or the child. Or the life. However, just like everything in life, there is a flip side to this coin. Not all loss is bad or negative. Loss can be good. It is, you know, part of the circle of life. Even this change averse gal can admit that. The feeling of loss is powerful in a good way when you no longer desire something that is harmful to you, for instance. Whether it is a person or a group of people or a thing or an idea. Does not matter.

I guess it is all of a piece. Maybe they are the same. The negative feeling of loss of something at first and then you grow and your perspective changes, making the loss positive in light of your changed desires.

I feel like I am quickly going down a hole into accounting.

I will confess that I have desires that I will not speak out loud, for fear of anyone experiencing the loss with me. I guess what it really boils down to is the shame that fear is creating.

I used to have a desire to be a famous horseman that other people looked to. Now, all I want to be famous from each of my horses’ perspectives. To be the best I can be for them. To be a real horseman. My perspective changed. That is something they have taught me through the grace of God.

I used to think I had it all figured out. I had a plan for my career and life. I desired certain things and I felt like I knew how to make them happen. Now, I feel like those desires are slipping away and I am discovering that I am letting them go. Has my perspective changed? I think it is changing. I am not there yet. New desires are not quite there yet. Do I feel loss? I do not know. I think in the beginning I did. Sometimes I feel lost and alone.

Does any of that make sense? Do you ever feel the same? What are your desires?

Far too much introspection for a Friday.

They are predicting rain all weekend, so here is hoping I get some ride time in. I can not complain though since the weather has been absolutely amazing.

Walk in love, dear readers, and have a great weekend. I am walking in faith trying to figure out the desires of my heart in my true self.

Too much? Oh well.


9 thoughts on “Desire

  1. I love your photography! That photo is beautiful.

    I think we we can feel the loss or something that we never had because we imagine what it would be if we did have it. Not that it would be like that. I think sometimes that that’s what happens when we love someone who does not love us back. It leaves a hole that we want to fill but can’t and think if we just keep trying.

    When I lost my horse I felt the loss of all that I wanted us to do together. I still feel that but it’s less sharp now.

    Desire can be good because it can motivate you towards a goal. It can also be bad when it leads to futile activity that won’t make any changes.

    Not sure that I’m at all helpful 🙂

  2. Well this is an interesting and thought provoking post. I think you are an intelligent young woman examining the greater questions of life. Trust me when I say that if you keep asking and examining things will become clear through time and further exploration! Best wishes to you in this quest.

  3. Very interesting post 🙂 I used to have a lot of things I wanted/desired and I felt I needed those things to be happy. Now I’ve decided to desire being happy and kind. I still have goals but I try not to place as much of my value on whether/when they are accomplished. 🙂

  4. Rocking E Cowgirl

    Gettin’ deep on this one, girlfriend! You know what I kept thinking about the whole time I read this? The verse that says “He will give you the desires of your heart…” Know what I’m talking about? I always thought this meant God would give me what I desire most. Like, MY desires. What I wanted. And then I heard someone present it in a completely different, much more God-centered way. The verse really means that He will CHANGE your desires to match His. He will give you HIS desires. Life can be difficult when your desires don’t match up with God’s. I’ve been there, I know… But, how beautiful it is, when you live in harmony (not without difficulty), and you desire matches His?

    1. I know lol. Probably too deep. It happens sometimes. Yes! That verse. Everything. Our true desires end up being His. We have to align ourselves with Him first. Then, when our perspectives change, our desires become His and everything changes. BINGO! Thank you so much for your comment. Additive!

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