Ragers & Flying Time

Yesterday I woke up with a rager of a headache. The likes of which I have never known. The minute my alarm went off it felt like someone had hit me in the head with a brick. Still sleepy, I stumbled my way downstairs to root around for some Advil. I will drink some water, take some Advil, and sit a minute. I will be right as rain in no time.

The thought of coffee or food made me nauseous. A few minutes passed and I realized I was going no where. I forced a little bit of cereal down so I could take some more Advil. I tried not to loose said Advil and cereal. I laid down on the couch and closed my eyes, hoping that another half hour would do the trick. No dice.

I get something akin to migraines every now and then, but this was something different. Like a sinus headache from a dark and evil place that no person should experience, but I was not stuffed up. OK. Slight upper respiratory symptoms, but nothing to a degree that would make me think sinus. Mother asked if I should go to the ER. NO. I email people at work to get them up to speed, tell Mom to go get her swim in, and crawl upstairs to lay down.

I fell asleep. Thank the Lord, I fell asleep. For an hour and a half! I woke up a completely different human. A complete farce. I was in the office just past 9:30. Part of me questions if it even happened except that the pain was so very real and left me exhausted for the rest of the day.

I completely forgot the date. Today my Cheetah Beetah is 13. What? How did that happen? It seems like just yesterday I started riding her. Do I talk about how time flies too much?

Can that be right? My brain still can not be trusted after yesterday. About nine years together?! NINE! I am so blessed with this mare of mine. She is such a gift. Has changed my life. So much has happened and we have both changed so much since we first met.

I went out for a quick visit Tuesday after work. My girl in all her glory.

unnamed (1)

She has been enjoying the all you can eat Spring buffet.

She may be the marest or mares sometimes, but the gift she is to me is not lost. AHAmoment. She is the best mare.

Walk in love, dear readers. Make it a great day!

13 thoughts on “Ragers & Flying Time

  1. I have gotten those types of headaches- usually with rapid changes in barometric pressure. It is my sinus’s and advil sinus medication helps but I need to go lay down.

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  3. Elizabeth (HorseLover4Ever)

    So sorry you had such a bad headache—and HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHEETAH!!!!!!!! 😀 😀

  4. mumsthewordblog1

    Headaches can be so completely debilitating.. glad it went away quickly for you. Beautiful horse 😊🐻

  5. Rocking E Cowgirl

    I second what Teresa said. Did you guys get any weird stormy weather like we did? Either way, I’m glad it was gone!

    1. ugh, me too! It was bad! I have talked to some people here and have heard many reports of people having similar headaches! Crazy!

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