Variety. It is the spice of life they say. I would say that I tend to agree. 

Maybe it is really a combo of going, going, going and some variety. Just always busy. I always sleep best and wake up refreshed when I have been going non stop on different things all day. 

When I was in college, I would be busy all day running from morning classes (I always tried to stack my schedule in the morning), studying, barn time, friends, and everyday life stuff. I would eat while I walked to and from class or my car. Or while I drove. I woke up early and I got home late. When I got home, I would shower and hop into bed after a chat with my roommate. It never failed that I would fall fast asleep within minutes of hitting the pillow. I would often wake up in the middle of the night with the TV still on, playing Joel Osteen reruns. I would smile as I clicked it off, hoping I was oborbing the message while I slept. 

This afternoon felt like one of those times. I got to the farm after work. Still blazing hot, I got the house opened up and turned on before I checked on a few things. I opted for an early dinner in town to give the temp some time to drop before I did anything. 

I got back from town and went to hook up the trailer. I’m headed to a friend’s ranch down the road with Cheetah and Ike first thing in the morning to ride. What I wanted to do was bathe the horses so they would be fresh for tomorrow. Naturally though, they were all the way at the bottom of the property. I opted to delay my exposure to the hot sun and load my stuff and get sprinklers going. Luckily for me, the horses made their way up right when I was finishing up loading. I got everyone fed and then moved hoses around. 

By this time it is getting pretty dark. As in, uh, dark. A normal person would have just forgotten about the bathing and not worried about it. A crazy person like me though, chooses to stick to the plan and bathe them anyway in the dark. I mean we have lights off the house, but there was no moon to speak of. Good ponies that they are, being very used to my antics, stood stock still ground tied while I hosed and scrubbed. It was still hot and they were itchy and crusted in salt, so they were enjoying it. Cheetah spent half the time trying to groom me back. Always an oddly appreciated gesture, to treat me like a herd member. 

When they were mostly dry, I put them back in the paddock, told them not to roll and get gross, and made my way back to the house to get my self cleaned up for bed. But not before moving more hoses. And rummaging around in the dark looking for the end of said hose. It took longer than I care to admit, but I got it finished. 

No more. Go to bed, I said. I opened the shower curtain and what do I find in the tub? A lizard/gecko/salamander thing and a scorpion. What? Basically having a party in there and I wasn’t invited. I had to laugh. Stranger things have happened. 

Finally in bed, I am sitting here talking to you, dear readers. Not sure what it says about me that I am spending my Friday night blogging, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

So tomorrow, I will be riding here in Texas and by Sunday morning I will be on a plane headed to the mountains. How is that for variety? I kind of like it! 

Walk in love, dear readers! Add some spice to your life! 

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  1. Rocking E Cowgirl

    Those are the best days! I prefer to stay busy too. The best feeling is going to bed physically worn out.

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