Good Morning From The Mountains!

Good morning, dear readers! Today I am writing to you from the mountains of Colorado!

Cool, I know! I am very excited to be here. It has been a while since I have spent time up here and I am looking forward to five days of experiencing God’s handiwork in a different place.

I rode yesterday morning with some friends before I made myself drop Darcy dog off at R’s and go pack. I had all these things I wanted to do before leaving, like clean so I could come home to a clean house. Ya, that didn’t happen. Bare minimum is what got done. I didn’t care though, because I was going to the mountains! I love that one day I can be be riding in Texas and then hop on a plane and be in the mountains the next day. Variety!

I arrived yesterday around 11 mountain time. Did you say brunch time??? Ha! Funny thing! That was my exact thought! I am so glad y’all get me. I suggested maybe we should find a mimosa brunch and Middle Sister K did a very good job of coming up with a place for us to go to. My bottomless mimosas and ricotta pancakes with orange curd and whipped cream really it the spot. Must not have any more of that if we are going to get out there and do some hiking! They were worth it though! I have always wanted to make ricotta pancakes. One of these days I will make them.

Anyway, I digress.

After brunch, my parents and Bro-in-law T went to play golf, leaving K and I to our own devices. We made a quick wine and frozen yogurt run while we enjoyed the weather. Back at the condo, we grabbed our swim suits and speakers and headed to the pool and hot tub.

When we had our fill of the pool, I set the table with anything I could find out on the patio so it would be ready for dinner.

K and I decided we should go walk around town and then find a nice place to sit and have a cocktail while we waited the golfers’ return. There was some rain brewing and we ended up walking through a little sprinkle on our way back. Side note, there is more rain in the forecast and I am kinda excited! I have never witnessed a storm in the mountains! And y’ all know how I feel about storms…and mountains! Put them together and wow!

OK. Sorry. Where was I? Oh right, walking through the rain. We turned around to look back up at the mountain before heading in and what did we see? The biggest rainbow I have ever seen! Such a gift! God is so good and great! AHAmoment! 

We had dinner out on the patio accompanied by our favorite Texas music. Well, you do know what they say about taking Texans out of Texas, right?

I slept well with my windows open to the cool night mountain air. I am up early, as per usual, and everyone else is still asleep. I have the sliding doors open and can hear the fountain of water trickling into the hot tub.

I am so looking forward to today.

Go walk in love, dear readers, wherever this morning may find you. We are all blessed to wake up and experience the world!

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