Drive By

A drive by? A drive by fruiting?


No, no, no. Not that kind. But that is a good kind. Name that movie!

This kind.

I dropped in my Pops’ office yesterday for some important business. You know, like sign a form real quick. Very important. Anyway, walking in there is somewhat like entering a time capsule or going back in time.

He said it best, “there is nothing in here past the digital age!”

Which, as I will soon show you, is true. There are no photos older than the film era. Vintage at its best.


Can you guess who?

Alright, too easy, that is me.

This one is better. Why didn’t they let me have a bouquet? K, great smile.

Oh yes, we had many matching outfits over the years. Who didn’t? We were clearly happy about it.

Oh now this one! It is a winner.

Why am I the only one looking at the camera and not looking like a model?! A especially looks like a model. Where is my fan?

And of course, good ol’ Smokey, the best lesson horse ever.


You know, back then I had a couple countdowns going every Christmas. A countdown till we were out of school and then a countdown to Christmas morning when we could open presents.

These days, Christmas has a different meaning for me and I wish there were more days. To slow it down and keep it around a little longer. To keep people in the spirit even a minute longer. But alas, here we are on December 20th. Christmas is right around the corner! I have desserts to bake!

Now, if only the weather forecast would make up its mind and not get so cold.

Here is hoping.

Walk in love, dear readers!

11 thoughts on “Drive By

  1. This is a fabulous post. I LOVE these photos. On the schoolie horse you feet don’t go below the saddle flaps! And as for looking like a model …..there is a very famous photo of Marilyn Monroe taken when she was just a contract girl in a big Hollywood studio. There are all the contract girls in the photo and they are all busy posing and looking like models or whatever EXCEPT for Marilyn. She is sitting there in the front just smiling right at the camera. This was how her love affair with the camera began. She looks honest and captivating and all the others look like posers. So….there you have it!

  2. LOVE Mrs Doubtfire (RIP Robin Williams)!
    Matching outfits? Oh yeah, Mom sewed them & we wore them, daily. Can. Not. Even. anymore.
    Merry Christmas to you, & may the moments stretch out long. 🙂

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