Wee Little Secret

Psst. Hey you.

Yes, you. Over there.

I have a little secret for you.

It is one of those secrets of life.

Are you ready?

The best recipes tend to be found hand written on the inside flap of a well loved and worn cookbook, at the top of the stack in the cabinet.

I know, right? Not within the actual glossy printed pages of the book itself. I just blew your mind, I know.

They can sometimes also be found photo copied with notes on them, tucked inside the aforementioned inside flap, but that is another story for another day.

This, my friends, is where you can find this lovely cheesecake recipe. The book is of faded blue and the binding broken and frayed. The recipe hand written in smudged pencil by my Mamma.

I would bet my mom was on the phone while she traced the title ‘Cheesecake’ and the doodle beneath.

This is the best cheesecake ever, on its own, but I wanted to make it extra special for Mother’s Day. Enter raspberries and chocolate wafer cookies for the crust. I added some raspberry puree to the top layer along with a little unflavored gelatin to compensate for the extra liquid and bam. You get this layered masterpiece.

A little abstract, yes. But that is OK. Homemade desserts are not supposed to be perfect! Farm fresh eggs also made it a little less than white with those dark and bright yolks.

I am not the biggest fan of the gelatin, but I will figure it out eventually.

Now I want more cheesecake.

Walk in love, dear readers!

10 thoughts on “Wee Little Secret

  1. Oh my that is a STUNNING cheesecake. when I was cleaning out my mom’s apartment after she passed away I found a cookbook that belonged to my grandmother and then her. I treasure it dearly.

  2. Beautiful! I could eat that right now. RIGHT NOW!! Yum! and it looks so nice as well. My mother did not like cooking and there are no cookbooks with wondrous recipes. The only book like that in our house is my own one. And it does not have anything like the creation in your photos…but I can do a mean meringue vacherin with strawberries and cream!!

    1. Thank you so much! I wish I could send you some.

      Your book will become THE book! Keep it and write that meringe vacherin in the inside flap for your kids and grandkids!

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