Happy day, dear readers!

Yes, say it with me.

You can do it.

Yes, I know it is Monday.

Wait, what?

Err….by Monday, I clearly mean Tuesday. It is Tuesday. All day. It was Tuesday all morning and it will still be Tuesday all afternoon. Or, just a second Monday.

OK. Now that is clear…


I am back in the office. Well not at this very actual moment. I am at home for lunch, but I am back working in the office. I have not been in since I do not remember when. It feels odd. Strange.

Anyone else back in the office?

I mean, I obviously knew this day was coming and I could not work remotely forever.

I just.

I just really got used to it. That small taste. It felt right. More in the right direction.

Life got more pleasant. I turned off the news and ignored the media. I had so much quality time with Merle. My breaks were outside petting the horses and giving them treats. I worked outside on the porch half of the time. There was fresh country air and sunshine. Walking and fetch. Riding. Clear views. No concrete or buildings. Even for the days that I was in town last week, I was on my patio with Merle at my feet.

I mean, I had to put real clothes and makeup on for the first time since this all started! My left eye has been protest twitching all morning! You should have seen the look Merle gave me this morning.

One day, dear readers, one day.

For today, I have a job.

For today, I am recharged and realigned.

For today, I have all these happy memories of these guys to remind me.

Perspective, my people! They are my muse anyway, on this Muesday and every other day.

I am not sure who has it better, the horses or Merle.

He is such a dude.

Nothing like a good ride on a spring day with the egrets.

He says there are birds over there.

That look, I tell you.

Tell me, how is your Tuesday going?

Walk in love, dear readers. Smile at someone today, even if it is just with your eyes.

4 thoughts on “Muesday

  1. You’re back at work! I’m sure you’d rather be back at the farm and work from home.

    I work from home as a chem consultant (enviro, regulatory and other). None of my “big” clients have gone back to work, and they really don’t know how it will be when they do. The “smaller” clients (ranchers and farmers) haven’t stopped and they need to stay on top of their regulatory compliance, and I’m their biggest bill after their mortgage/loan payments. This ‘rona (like how you refer to it) time has hit the ranchers and farmers very hard. Our neighbor, the JN Ranch, they would be moving their cattle onto BLM land for summer grazing now, but haven’t decided if they will. Grazing fees haven’t changed, and neither have their costs.

    How is it like to wear nice clothes after wearing relaxed clothes?

    Stay well, stay safe, Avery. 🙂

    1. It certainly has hit them hard. It is all just so crazy.

      It is awful wearing real clothes! haha Glad you and yours are well and that you still have work to do.

  2. Tuesday? Oh yes it is Tuesday. I need to remind myself several times a day. And especially in the morning when I wake up. But if today is Tuesday that means tomorrow is Wednesday and I get to go to the barn and watch Belinda ride Biasini! YAY! I hope you will settle back well into the office routine. Hard not to miss those wonderful fields you were out riding in though.

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