You only live once, right?

That is what I said to R at some point in May when she asked if I wanted to go to Wyoming and ride the Tetons and Yellowstone.

Life is about saying YES, remember?! It is too short not to. One day is today.

I could try to describe this trip, but I really do not think I could do the beauty of God’s artwork justice. If the pictures can not, how on earth could words? All I can say is, like I am pretty sure I have said before, is that mountains, like storms, have a way of reminding you of your place here on earth.

It was a full spectrum trip that involved the luxury of Jackson, Wyoming and the ruggedness of the crunch of frosty mountain meadow grass underfoot when you first step out of your tent in the morning.

We flew in and out of Jackson and spent those two bookend nights there in two different nice hotels. We enjoyed two of the most fabulous meals at a steak house and an Italian restaurant. We definitely said yes on our two nights here. No holding back and it was worth it!

We spent the middle two days and nights riding and camping in the mountains. We rode three different horses each. Most of the horses were of at least some draft blood and we loved it. We rode all day. We ate outside. We made smores. We got in the cold rivers and creeks in addition to the hot springs. We drank champagne in the water and red wine with dinner. We soaked in the scenery.

Enjoy our trip to Wyoming through pictures.

Walk in love, dear readers! I hope you enjoyed the view!

9 thoughts on “Wyoming

  1. I would love to do this. And oddly enough the first place I rode a horse was on a ranch in Wyoming! I was 8 years old. The horse was called Amos. So going back would be a bookend to my horse riding.

    1. Amos is such a good name. This group had a horse named Amos. I think you should do it, but not let it be a bookend 😉 B would be too sad!

  2. Such a beautiful trip!! Your photos are absolutely beautiful. Someday I’ll do a trip like this… I have friends that go to a ranch in Montana and ride out and have FUN!! 🐴❤️🤠

  3. It simply sounds very nice. A great adventure and experience, no doubt.

    Greetings from Spain!
    Poor Conrad! What a scare with the scorpions, the truth is that they are quite scary.

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