One more thing

Before I go off the grid to ride horses for a week *excuse me while I giggle and jump up and down like a little girl*, I want to share something with you. Remember that bit about your light from the other day? Well, you also probably know by now how my brain works with songs. This song came up on my shuffle yesterday while I was running errands to prepare for my trip and it made me think about letting my light shine through my holes and cracks. Thanks to Cody Johnson for recording this song and to Rachel Richardson on YouTube for the vid.

Now I get that he is not my typical type to recommend as he is not always my style, but I just really like some of his songs. This one in particular. The lyrics speak to me. That last verse. Climb out and let it shine, man. AHA moment right there. I sing this one loud in my car. Makes me think I am a good singer! Ha! This song makes me want to post several more songs. Do you think I should? Does anybody listen to these??? I will just in case anyone is curious what I have to share.

The middle part of this song where he talks about conversations he did not have with his dad reminds me of Brandon Rhyder‘s (I know, I know, I will not wax poetic today. Well, only a little) song, ‘Fingers To The Bone.’ Seriously, listen to this one. He never disappoints. I also sing this one loud in the car. Fine, I always sing loud in the car! Thanks to Brandon Rhyder – Topic on YouTube for the video. It is funny the things we do and say to our parents when we are young and then how the future plays out. Grace. Reminds me to tell my parents I love them. I put them through a lot! AHA moment, again. This one I dedicate to my parents. The best I have heard this song was live at an intimate, unrecorded concert here in town. Bummer for y’all. Stop, hold the phone. My mother just called me! I told her I love her. I am serious. That just happened. Just go on and listen to this song.

I could go on for days connecting these song dots for you, but I have to go work!

Have a great weekend and week next week. I look forward to sharing my adventure with you upon my return! Do not worry, I will try not to kill my travel buddy with my horrid signing.


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