Winter Wonderland!

Or as close to a winter wonderland as we get down here anyway! If you know anyone in the southern half of Texas, you probably already know that we got quite the dusting of snow.

A winter wonderland of snow!
Well, at least until it melts! Hurry fast! …as you are reading this, it has melted away…

But now I am on a roll!

Oh, the weather outside is frightful and, baby, it sure is cold!
Yup, true, but is sure is purdy.


Alright, that is enough.

It actually was not as cold as that time I had to wear sweatpants on my head. Yes, I have had to do that!

This is not the first time we have ever had snow, but it is the first time I have ever seen the farm covered in snow. It sure is magical. An early magical Christmas present, if you choose to look at it that way. Which, I do.

Man, it sure has been an interesting year as far as weather for everyone though. Hurricanes (yes, remember plural). Fires (oh my word, so many fires!!! Still!). And now this. It will be a year for the books in many ways.

Anyway, on to it…It is that time of year where I make special trips out to the farm when it gets cold to blanket my old horse and give everyone some extra feed. Have I already said that this year? I can not remember, so I told you again. It happens to everyone, right?? Yesterday, after work I quickly gathered Darcy and my things and headed out to the farm a little extra on edge knowing the chance for winter precipitation and many things to do before dark. The weather reports said there was a slight chance, but if you did get some snow, it would not stick. I did not believe it. Even still, I knew it would make for an interesting commute back into town to go to work.

Long story short, I woke up to this!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a…abominable snow monster? No, that is just a streak of a Darcy.

She flies.

Better watch out.

Or you will miss her!

A cold Cheetah in her natural habitat.

The cutest old guy.


I was in the office by mid morning. My mom, who is the best, met me at my office to pick up the Darcy Dog so I would not be too late.

My Pop’s, who is also the best, is on blanket and feed duty so I can go have some Christmas fun. There will be cocktails, cupcakes, ugly sweaters, and more! Do not you worry, I will tell you all about it.

Until then, dear readers, go walk in love!

8 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland!

  1. There’s nothing like the first snowfall- everything looks so pretty. I love riding in the first snowfall- the horses seem to have a little more oomph in their steps. Can I point out the irony that you have snow and we are still too warm for it to happen?

    1. Yes, you may point that out! Pretty crazy. I wanted to ride in it oh so bad, but there wasn’t enough time. I had to go to work and Cheetah looked more than miserable. Which, she shouldn’t given that she is from a colder place that gets more snow!

  2. I love that snow comes as such awesome surprises! Last night I took my brother and sister-in-law’s dog out and it was snowing flurries! In twenty years of living in the South, my family has only seen it snow here three times! It was such a surprise I couldn’t stop smiling! Take each snowy surprise and enjoy it before it melts!
    P.S. (The snow never stuck; it just fell, lol)

    1. I know right! That’s so cool that walked in it. It certainly my doesn’t happen often. I remember one year it snowed when we went to a Christmas party in the prettiest neighborhood. All the lights and decorations. Dark out. So magical. I want to say it was even Christmas Eve. That snow didn’t really stick in town, but rumor has it accumulated some at the farm. I remember being so sad that I didn’t get to see it there and the horses in it.

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