Happy Monday, y’all.

To get everyone going, here is a Music Monday and a Daily Dose Of Cute all wrapped up into one.

“Baby, I don’t have much
But what we have is more than enough
Ordinary world”
~Billie Joe Armstrong~

I will take ordinary all day every day. The ordinary in our lives is what makes us rich I think. The shining lights and treasures and shooting stars are all right there.

A look into my ordinary world. When I look at it, it is quite extraordinary. Sometimes it is hard to see. Like when I have to go to work.

Just me, my dog, and my horse.

After this, I baked a chocolate sheet cake for my sister, played in a doll house with my niece and nephew, and then had a lovely dinner with them.

What makes your ordinary extraordinary?

Walk in love, dear readers.

11 thoughts on “Ordinary

  1. This morning my horse, Minnow, left the herd and walked up to spend time with me out in the middle of the pasture. It felt really good that he was choosing to be with me. That felt extra ordinary

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  2. Rocking E Cowgirl

    I just read in my Bible that God desires for you to have a “rich and satisfying life.” I think it’s the ordinary things that make it rich and satisfying! But you do have to choose to look at it that way.

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