Daily Dose Of Cute

A little dose of cuteness for you on this fine Monday.

The ever dirty, but awfully cute Darcy Doolittle. She can brighten any day.

I am choosing to believe this Monday to be fine. I am imagining the sun shining.

No clouds. No rain. We have not seen the sun shine for more than an hour at a time in I do not even know how long. ALL WINTER like this.

Riding this weekend was a little like a slip and slide at the walk, so that is what we did. Walked around bareback and trotted where we could. One of these days, I will get some real riding in. I won’t think about how long that will be. It all makes me long for the days that I had access to an indoor arena.

It also makes me think of that Kid Rock song. And this song, for a matter of fact.

Let us go to Mexico for the rest of the season.

Dreaming of Mexico, dear readers. Is that why I have eaten an exorbitant amount of Mexican food in the past couple of weeks?

Walk in love!


11 thoughts on “Daily Dose Of Cute

    1. The sun came out this afternoon and I almost cried. I went out at lunch and just stood out there. Rushed out of work to change my clothes and go on an hour walk with Darcy. I hope they over estimated the rain in the forecast.

  1. Rocking E Cowgirl

    The sun came out for an hour while I was working this morning and now it’s gone. Please excuse me while I go hide in a corner with a cup of coffee and whimper.

    1. Right! It came out yesterday afternoon and I left for lunch so I could just sit in the sun. Then went for an hour long walk when I got home with Darcy. Then rain this morning. Now the sun is trying to come out, but I think we have more rain this afternoon!

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