May Day

I talk quite a bit during the Christmas season how it is my favorite time of year. I also seem to recall telling you that foaling season is probably my second favorite time of year. I would not put it past me to be found guilty of claiming yet another time as my second favorite time of year.

However, I was just thinking to myself how the month of May is my second favorite time of year. Although technically, it is still foaling season, just the end of it and now everyone is talking about how their mares are bred for next year. Just more to love.


April can get a little hay wire with the weather, but by the time May gets here, it is getting warm and the air is dry. Just the right kind of warm…as in not too. It is not yet hot and does not remind you of the suffocating humid heat you know, yet refuse to acknowledge, is coming in late summer. It is the kind that feels good and warms you through. Makes you want to take a nap. You can feel the promise of summer. The kind of promise that brings a flood of nostalgia and has you running and playing outside in shorts, with or without shoes. Flocking to the pool with your friends. Riding sweaty horses bareback. I half want to start a count down to the end of school.

Except, that I am not in school any more and do not get a summer off. Sigh. What a way to ruin an image.

Go back to running barefoot.

Everything is green, from the grass to the pecan trees, and the sky is so blue. The love bugs are everywhere and the horses’ coats are slick and shiny, free of the winter fuzzies. They practically glow as they bask in the sun. I swear the sun acts almost like a drug, putting everyone in a trance.

May also has a lot of birthdays in my family. Middle Sister, K. My Niece, L. Friend, R. A certain mare turns 14 soon. Babies and birthdays, man.

Anyway. Yesterday was a great May day and I have some evidence to prove it.

The sky was blue and the grass was green. It was warm. The horses were shiny and love bugs abundant.

I rode Cheetah and she acted like Lito was just weaned. I guess she wants a baby too.

Then I did some ground work and rode Lito man. He decided a little while ago that he was scared of flappy colorful things like tarps and anything of the sort. I still don’t get that because he never was before, but we are working through it. We walked all over with the flappy colorful tarp being flappy and colorful waving around. He was very good and I swear had that moment of, “I don’t remember why we are doing this. That is not scary.”

While riding he preferred to stand there and take a nap in the sun. So, we basically did that.

Petunia cuddled and asked for food.

Lito really enjoyed his feed. Just look at his eyes.

Our neighbor’s dog came over and everyone took a nap.

Remember when I showed you those cactus blossom buds on an equally awesome day? Well, here they are now!

Then Darcy (while covered in burrs…the one downside to this time of year) and I had a patio lunch with margaritas. For me, not her, much to her chagrin.

Margaritas and salsa after a great day with the ponies, reflecting on my many blessings.

What is your favorite part about this time of year?

Walk in love, dear readers!

8 thoughts on “May Day

  1. I think I love the way horses transform this season the most, especially when a lot of horses get winter off. They go from a bit pudgey and fuzzy to these sleek, athletic, elegant creatures, and it is always so satisfying to watch.

    1. That is very true. My mare had more time off this winter (really all year) than she ever has. I have been riding her a ton this last month or so and she has really made a transformation. She never really has had an ugly season per se, but this spring she was not looking her best while shedding out and not having as much muscle as normal. I was beginning to wonder if there was something physical going on, but she does not look it now!

  2. Blessing indeed. I love the yellow cactus flowers. At lasts we have some spring like weather up here and the yellow blooms for us are the daffodils now in full glory.

  3. Awww Petunia is so precious! And Lito’s face is priceless!

    I’d have to say one of my favorite parts is that the days are longer. I get off work, and there are still enough hours of daylight to take a leisurely stroll with the pup, or saddle up for a little spin around the fields and be back before dark.
    There’s time to go to the little Trattoria and sit outside by the river while the sunlight wanes, or just to lounge around in the hammock and listen to the birds and crickets.

    Bavaria-specific I love the beer gardens this time of year, even though you’ll be covered in pollen from head to toe 😆. There is lilac blooming everywhere around here and I think I’ll associate the sweet scent with this place for the rest of my life.

  4. The photos are so nice! Love all the sleepy friends. I’m just slightly envious because I’m on the other side of the world. And the weather has decided to shock us into believing that it is indeed winter.
    Blessings to You!

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